Wallpaper naked Melania Trump

Melania Trump Before and After Photos


A exotic beauty, so alluring that she even attracted the likes of a celebrity billionaire, Donald Trump and we all know who that guy is. She is a former Slovenian model who has the demanding task of being the wife of the big boss man, there really does have to be a lot of stresses and frustrations that come with that gig. It would seem apparent that she has to do all she can to stay as flawless and as sexy as possible to remain in line with his utmost desire and affections. This must be the reason why the story behind Melania Trump plastic surgery exist. It shouldn’t come as a major surprise but it still would be pretty interesting to hear the details regardless.

A Little Backstory


Melania Trump was born in 1970 and she grew up in the center of Slovenia. Even when she was really young, her beauty had been noticed and that type of attention was the driving force behind her decision to enter the world of modeling. Once she entered the biz, there was no looking back and success was there to greet her with open arms. She has always obtained some form of success in her life, although it was when she began a relationship with the famous tycoon, her publicity stock skyrocketed and blew-up the proverbial Wall Street.

Melania Trump is 44 and it would seem that once a person arrived within that ballpark age of 40+, evidence of some aging would finally kick in and present itself. This even came to a more prominent forefront with the arrival of her before and after pics, descriptions and all, making their way online to become a bit of a viral sensation.

The pictures show quite the varied change between them as to which it drew out even more of a curiosity from the gossip seeking crowd. Trump has vehemently denied all the speculations but nobody seems to be buying any excuses. As a matter of fact, her denial actually super-charged the speculations. As to what the finger-pointing crowd is citing is that she underwent a Rhinoplasty, a breast augmentation and Botox

Wallpaper naked Melania Trump
Wallpaper naked Melania Trump