This is not Melania Trump The Treachery of Images

This is not Melania Trump. The Treachery of Images

Mira Tzur, a Miami-based model, is cashing in now that Donald Trump is the president. According to some, Tzur is a dead-ringer for Melania Trump, and the Israeli-born model is making a reported $3,000 per appearance to show up and pretend to be the first lady.

Tzur, 45, works alongside New York actor John Di Domenico, who impersonates Trump, according to the Miami Herald.

For her $3,000 fee, plus expenses, interested parties can hire her and Domenico to parade around their events. The model told the Miami Herald she’s been hired eight times so far to play the first lady.

“It’s not really a second career,” Tzur told the Miami Herald. “It’s an extension of my existing career.”

The model and actress added she didn’t think she looked like the first lady until a photographer dressed her up as Melania Trump one day. She said she is a fan of the first lady’s, though she’s never met her.

“I feel great admiration for both of them,” Tzur told the newspaper. “That makes my job ever better.”

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