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Katy Perry calendar nude 2015 Nude calendars are a special type of wall calendars or table calendars. Nude calendars have proliferated in recent decades[when?] and some have become greatly anticipated annual traditions. A more recent[when?] development has been nude calendars for charity. Female nude calendars Mostly targeted at straight men, they follow in the tradition of men’s magazines featuring centerspreads, monthly nude features and swimsuit issues like Playboy and Penthouse and later offshoots. The Pirelli Calendar is famous. See also Calendar Girls and The Darker Image. Male nude calendars Mostly…

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Sex Stories with Kelly Boob “Hey Kash!” Zack greeted me, opening the door to his apartment. “I got the beers.” I said handing him a six pack. “Thanks man.” He said taking the six pack from me. “What the hell is this?” I said noticing that he had a telescope in his living room. “There’s suppose to be a meteor shower and…” “You fucking geek!” I cut him off laughing. He was always a bit of a geek back in high school, which made it quite difficult to stay his…

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