Sexual Fantasy with Christina Hendricks

It had been at least two weeks since my incident with Shene, who in my perverted mind I saw as none other than English hottie Emma Watson. We talked it through and decided that it best that we keep the unfortunate affair to ourselves, for the sake of both our jobs. I didn’t want to be seen as that guy who humiliated the new girl and she didn’t want fellow staff to think that she was here to be the office slut.

To make things a bit easier, I advised Shene, as well as my superiors that I was going to take a few weeks off for stress relief. That way, what happened with Shene could at least give us both time to get over the whole ordeal. Fortunately, my boss didn’t have a problem with this as I’d had plenty of annual leave up my sleeve. Having too much of it wasn’t good for the books, so any chance to minimize it was usually appreciated.

The first thing I knew that I wanted to do was nothing. Not a damn thing. The first few days I only left the apartment if I needed food. I didn’t watch much TV, didn’t go anywhere near my computer and kept phone conversations to a minimum. I was going to beat this problem I had, and restraining myself from anything that would give me the urge to jerk off was the only way I knew how.

After three days of this, I was near breaking point. The past two nights I was sporting an erection that I could have had to beaten to death just to get some sleep. Staying abstinent for all this time was driving me insane. How anyone could last this long I’ll never know. Cold showers were only a temporary solution. The one thing I had refused to do when this whole problem started, was seemingly becoming my only option. I made the call to the clinic, and booked an appointment with Doctor Philips.

“Yes I can probably get you in tomorrow so we can chat one on one. These kind of problems are quite rare I’d have to say. But once we go through all the details then I’m sure we will be able to help you”, the Doc said, hanging up the phone after he’d given me a time to come and see him.

I was grateful that I was seeing a male physician, as revealing all my sexual visions to a woman would more than likely make me more reluctant to speak up. I was even willing to tell Doctor Philips that my fantasies were of popular Celebrities. How I was going to explain why one of them was somewhat younger than the others? Well, that I would hope he’d understand. I had very little self control over this.

I made my way down to the office block just around the corner from my apartment. I probably should have done more research on the place before booking. But out of fear of having another blackout, I checked in to the closest place possible. Dr. Philips sounded professional enough over the phone, and as much as I enjoyed having these dirty fantasies, the problem was what one too many of them could possibly lead to. And I mean that in a bad way.

Sexual Fantasy with Christina Hendricks

“Just go down the hall, the last door on the right, and wait in the office. The Doctor will be with you in a few minutes”, the secretary informed me. Well that was a good start. Rarely does one go to a a place like this and they don’t keep you waiting despite the fact you’d made a booking beforehand. I entered the office, quite a lavish setup Dr. Philips had. Plenty of framed pictures up on one wall, showing off his qualifications. A bookcase filled with medical and psychiatric books no doubt. The maroon coloured velvet couch looked enticing, the place where I no doubt would be telling the Doc what had been going through my warped mind over the past few weeks. So without hesitation, I lay down up on it, the softness of the couch had me instantly relaxed, as I waited for his arrival. The couch faced away from the front door, so I kept an ear out for when he entered the room.

Within seconds, I could hear footsteps enter, the Doctor closing the door behind them. But the first thing I heard come out of their mouth was not what I was expecting.

“Mr. Symons. Sorry for keeping you waiting”.

I turned my head, and rather than seeing a male doctor enter the room, a tall woman with red hair done up in a bun, wearing glasses was there to greet me instead. This was not what I wanted. She wasn’t the most stunning woman I’d ever laid eyes on, her professional looking attire (and nerdy glasses) made sure of that as her clothing covered quite a lot of her tall physique. She had the look of a strict high school headmaster rather than a therapist.

“Sorry, but I thought I had an appointment with Doctor Philips”, I asked.

“Yes, um, unfortunately he’s been called out to see one of his patients on short notice. He asked me to fill in for him. Is that going to be a problem?”

She seemed to be quite nonchalant about the whole thing, going through some notes that the Doctor had left her as she awaited my response.

“I uh…”.. I stopped in mid-sentence as this replacement shrink turned to reach for a pen upon the desk, giving me a grand view of her full round backside, accentuated by her tight figure hugging skirt which helped outline her panties underneath. She wasn’t showing off much in the leg department thankfully, the hem of her skirt going down well below her knees.

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