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Sex fantasy celebs with Kat Dennings

Sex fantasy celebs with Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings’ Sex Therapy

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Kat Dennings (TV and film actress)

Sex fantasy celebs with Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings’ Sex Therapy

A celebrity erotic story

Steven hated going to these group meetings, but it was either that or probably being single for the rest of his life.

His problem had started due to his rather rough sexual kinks in the bedroom. He had fantasies of driving in hard into willing, sexy beauties, making them beg and crave for his cock as he slapped, spanked, and was generally rough and wild with them, even going as far as choking and near abusing them. Always however in willing fashion and never forced. Sadly though despite have plenty of advantages going for him – he was attractive, handsome, had a desirable body, and was packing a certainly well equipped weapon with which to please any woman – he had found that few women were into the “hard fucking”. Maybe that Tenacious D song was right after all.

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So he signed up for these group therapy sessions or “Sex Addicts Anonymous” as he referred to them as. A bunch of decent enough seeming people who were happy to share in the “shame” and hoped to cure themselves of their sinful cravings. Some people had come and gone, pardon the pun, while a few were still here after all the weeks he’d been a part of this which, to him, hadn’t helped him out personally one bit even after stating his “issues” time and time again and the frustrations of not being able to curb his urges.

That was, until one night.

A new face in the group. Female and brunette – not unheard of in the group, but unlike the others was absolutely drop dead stunning. Even behind sunglasses and with a long jacket on, she was clearly not just a regular Jane Doe here.


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“Hello, my name is Kat, and… And I’ve long had urges to… Well, to be used… And hurt, when it comes to sex…” She had started her introduction off with, and he had been hooked on every word. She seemed relieved to be able to get things off her sizable looking chest about her wild bedroom kinks, and how she’d been warned that she could put herself and her career under risk if she allowed these desires to overwhelm her and she ends up getting hurt. Spanking, slapping, choking, hair pulling, and plenty of other rough stuff that had Steven carefully hiding himself from others and having to keep his mouth closed for fear of drooling. She was basically reading off his list of desires straight from his mind.

He was always glad when the meetings ended, usually because he had been bored out of his mind by them, but tonight was a different story. That beauty Kat had made his cock ache with her words, he was ready to leave and head home straight to the bathroom, his bottle of lube, and a stack of tissues. Perhaps luckily for him, he had just opened the car outside the building when he was stopped by that sultry female voice.

“Hey, Steven, right?” Kat introduced herself, brushing her long brunette hair back and without her sunglasses on now, making her identity unmistakable.

“Holy shit, you’re Kat Dennings.” Steven stated, seeing the star of Hollywood movies such as the Thor series, and hit TV shows like 2 Broke Girls standing in front of her.

“Busted.” She smirked. “So, some meeting huh? Interesting bunch of folks in there.”

“Yeah, that’s putting it kindly about them… Don’t ever touch Sammy’s hands. He’s known to… Just don’t.” He advised, a look of disgust saying more than words ever could.

“Right… Listen, can I be honest here Steven? I’m here not just for personal reasons…” Dennings explained. “My agent freaked out one time when I got myself caught up trying to… Tie myself up in bondage while having a vibrator stuffed up my pussy. It seemed like a good idea at the time.” She said, smirking at the wide eyed reaction he gave to her words. “So I’m doing this to try and, you know, calm my urges down. But then I get to this place, and I hear you talk about your issues, and…”

“We’re like a complete match.” He finished her sentence for her. “You want to be dominated and fucked rough, and I want to control and pound a woman.”

“We’re on the same page then…” Kat stated with a sly smirk. “I was just gonna call a cab and head back home after this, but now? I think you and me can help each other out, take care of some kinks and urges that we’ve both got bottled up. So… Is your place far from here?” She asked, glancing to his car.

* * *

Not giving up the chance of a lifetime, within minutes he was back at his apartment building, no sooner in the door than Kat Dennings had dropped her coat to the floor, showing off a sexy outfit of a tight skirt with tights underneath, and a low cut, straining top that showed off a stunning amount of deep cleavage. All to his grinning approval as he approached her with a lusty smile of his own as she looked him over.

“One rule stud – the safeword is Marvel. I yell it, you stop, deal?” Kat said.

“Deal.” He nodded, reaching down to undo his belt and all too eagerly drop not just his jeans, but his boxers to the floor, giving her a look at his sizable and thick to match cock.

“This is the kind of sex therapy I fucking need…” She smirks with approval as she looks over that length. “I’m all yours for the night Steven. Let’s do this.”

“…Get on your fucking knees whore.” He ordered as he gripped his cock, starting to stroke himself to hardness.

“Yes Master!” She quickly said with a tone of lust the widening of her eyes showing her approval to how quickly he was showing his desires and soon she showed her own as she obediently lowered herself down in front of him, showing off her tits wonderfully with her tip and brushing her long hair back for a perfect view.

“You’re going to fucking choke all over this damn cock…” He told her, not as a warning but an order as his pumped away at his cock and moved closer toward her, aiming his length at her gorgeous face and her sexy, full lips.

“Anything you want Master…” Kat replied, gazing over his hardening length, licking her lips at the meaty sight before her, and then opening her mouth open wide for him, willing to allow him to use and (hopefully for her) abuse her and her body despite having just met one another earlier in the night.

An unmistakable moan was muffled the moment he slammed his cock into her mouth, instantly making her gag when his cock head hit the back of her mouth, and then again when he repeated the motion soon after as her hands latched onto his thighs. Her lips pressed around his tool briefly but loosened when she gagged, already making saliva splatter out onto his tool while her tongue pushed out, brushing against his underside as he pumped firmly into her oral hole. The smoldering way she was looking up at him further proved this was exactly what she wanted, even if the reflex gagging being done by her throat seemed to scream that her body thought otherwise to this already rough action.

“Fucking… Uhhhhhh!! Hot slut!!” Steven grunted, keeping her hair grabbed with two big handfuls as he pumped his now rock hard cock in and out of her mouth, seeing the clear discomfort on her beautiful face as his dick vanished between her sexy, full lips that fought to try and wrap around his fat cock. He had no intention of easing up or pulling out, driving his whole length in to force her to gag around him as he fucked her mouth, a dirty grin on his face as he fed her his man meat that was already getting nicely coated with her saliva. “Mmmmmm… Choke on it bitch! Fucking… Ahhhhhh… Choke yourself on my damn cock!!” He ordered as he continued the rough and quick pistoning motion, her gags repeating again and again each time he fired off another deep thrust into that hot and damp mouth, the sound accompanied by the slapping of his balls hitting the actress’ chin when he drove in.

“GAAAAHHH!! HLLLLKKKK!! GAH GAAH GAH!!” She groaned in a embarrassing raspy way, obediently staying in place and allowing him to fuck her mouth as that intoxicating, lengthy dick forced it’s way straight to the back of her mouth again and again, making her saliva escape out past her lips to trickle and drip down her chin, neck, and onto the top of her exposed chest and into that deep cleveage. “UHHHHLLLKKKK!! GAAAAAAAAAAHH!! MMMMMPHHHH!! HHHHHLLLLRRRRKKKK!!” The gagging continued as the 2 Broke Girls star’s eyes watered up, her eyeliner running as tears began to roll down her cheeks, showing the pain she’s enduring and adding to the ruined make-up of her lipstick smearing all over his powerful cock that delivered the deep and harsh face fucking just like she demanded. However the fact that one of her hands is buried up under her skirt, and the way her hand is rapidly moving back and forth while under there, is showing that truly the pain is turning her on, craving even more of this oral abuse even as her gags are getting louder and deeper by the thrust.

“Uhhhhhh!! Fucking… Mmmmm!! You’re one fucking dirty slut…” He stated, suddenly pulling out of her mouth completely, unintentionally giving the mercy of her being able to catch her breath as he struck her cheek with his bell end, the sharp slap ringing out as she gazed up at him with an open mouth and tongue sticking right out. While rubbing the crown of his tool against her cheek to further smear her makeup, he nastily spat right down into her mouth, switching to slap his cock head against her forehead while his willing, busty whore didn’t hesitate in swallowing down the saliva he’d given her. “Back to it slut! Choke yourself on my cock!” He barked, but in the next second had to moan with a filthy smile as she obeyed by driving her mouth down onto his dick, letting him feel her tongue against his underside the first couple of bobs along him before she withdrew it and focused on planting her lips around his member in order to wildly and nosily blow him.

“Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmphhhh!! MMMMM!!” She lewdly moaned around his tool, her full and made for sucking cock lips wrapped perfectly around his length as she worshipped the shaft of the hunk grabbing onto her hair, pleasing him with her mouth to make him groan with delight as she quickly slid her make-up wrecked but still gorgeous face towards and away from his crotch. “Mmmmmm!! GAAHHHH!! MMMMMPHHH!! Hhhhhhllllkkkk!!” It wasn’t long before Dennings was the one making herself gag now, doing as he ordered as she planted herself straight down into his public hair, his balls resting on her chin for the moment when her mouth touched the base and her saliva splashed over his member and his crotch, before she raced back upward to repeat the motion.

Despite her tears once again falling, and her spit continuing to drool shamefully from her mouth all the way down to her ruined, stained top as her tits now had a glaze of her saliva coating the exposed skin, she continued to service her “Master” for the night, clearly fulfilling many a twisted fantasy of hers as her hand between her legs still worked sharply over her pussy. Whether she had even put her fingers under her panties was a mystery that only she could answer. The hunk she was rapidly blowing couldn’t care less about that, that dark smirk on his handsome face as he watched the stunning brunette bob away on his cock, gagging each time she pushed down to his base and keeping him more than satisfied with the kind of oral skill that was clearly far from amateur.

Him letting go of her hair made her stop the sucking motion, looking up but soon having to close her eyes as he spat down onto her face, a groan being heard around his cock from the action before he pulled out of her mouth, using his dick to rub that spit onto her already makeup ruined facial features. “You enjoy that slut??” Steven demanded from her, reaching down to grab her by the chin and cheek to force her to look up at him while he leaned down. “You enjoy choking on my dick like the dirty slut you are??”

“Yes Sir!” Kat didn’t hesitate as she answered, gritting her teeth together as her sexually intense gaze met his. “Your filthy fucking slut loved being allowed to choke on your big fucking cock like a slutty bitch!” She added, and from the tone and volume of her voice this wasn’t just her putting a little extra into this “performance”.

“Get the fuck up!” He barked, using that grip on her to bring her upward roughly, marching the willing beauty over across the apartment toward his couch and then tossing her down onto it. “Spread your fucking legs, and get those funbags of yours out! I’m gonna screw you like the skank you are…” He vowed, pulling his shirt up and over her head to show off that nicely toned upper body.

She quickly agreed to the demand, her hands pulling her ruined clothing up and over her brunette haired head while spreading her legs apart at the same time, tossing her top aside and showing off her heaving, massive chest while her skirt hiked up, showing a glimpse of her soaked panties underneath her tights. With a slutty lick of her lips, she used both hands to rip her bra clean apart, her incredible, large and rounded breasts fully exposed and the sight alone enough to make him moan as her chest bounced upon being freed. Showing no restraint, soon the broken garment was also tossed aside before she reached down, gripping and tearing a hole in her tights, the invitation being accepted as he approached just as she gripped and pulled her panties to the side.

“Oh FUCK!! Mmmmmm!! Oh fuck yes!!” Kat moaned as her head tossed back as without ceremony he pushed his cock straight in, her tightness being invaded by thick dick as the both felt that pleasurable pressure which only increased as he started to pump himself in and out of her wet tunnel with more than enough force to cause her breasts to jiggle. “Ahhhhhh!! Fuck me!! Fuck me fuck me fuck me!! Ahhhh-AHHHHHH!!” Just as started to encourage him, her groan being one of brief fear, her eyes widening when she felt his hands reaching forward to grip her throat, her cries reduced to low grunts and moans from his steady and deep pumping of her snatch. They exchanged looks, the gorgeous actress only breaking “character” for a moment so she could give a little nod of the head to approve of the action, before moaning out properly as she arched back and little, pushing her tits out as her hands slid over onto his.

“Uhhhhhh!! No… No touching slut!!” Steven demanded as he stared down at her pretty but now ruined from tears and spit face, the busty slut quickly agreeing as her hands snapped back to grip the couch she was getting fucked on. With that, his fingers began to dig slightly into her neck, starting a light choke that was enough to make her gasp in erotic delight, soon moaning as was he from the feeling of his manhood being buried deep up into her tight, wet cunt as he drove himself in and out at a steady, commanding pace. “Gonna… Mmmmmmm!! Awwwww fuck… Gonna slam you like the… Fucking bitch you are…” He grunted out as he held her by the neck, applying that pressure gradually to show this was a position, perhaps ambition of his, he had been planning for a long, long time and knew just how to apply it to even a stunning, world famous actress like this. At the same time as he applied the choke, he continued to rock his hips back and forth, the slap of his skin meeting hers ringing out when he pumped in balls deep and filled her up with the same thick inches that had made her gag minutes ago.

“Ahhhhhhhh!! M-More… Hhhhhllllkkkk!! Phhh-please Maaaaaa-Master!! GAAAAAHHHH!!” She gasped between moans in the mix of pleasure from having her pussy fucked so masterfully, let along deep and hard like she was currently getting it, and the melting pot of pain and increasing dizziness as she was being erotically denied of oxygen, the act increasing her pleasure to make her snatch be dripping so much her juices were falling down onto the couch she was being banged on. “HHHHHLLLKKKK!! Ahhhhhhhh!! Fuck… Fhhhhrrrrkkkkkk!! GAAHHHHH!!” Her eyes widened as his fingers dug in and slipped further around her neck, the pace and force of his thrusts increasing to make her hourglass frame jolt up into his grip, making those big tits bounce away and push her deeper into the choke. This further drove her wild as the twisted sex game continued, her mouth hanging open, head slightly rolling and her eyes starting to lose focus as she felt her head becoming dizzy, her vision blurring, but all the while the sinful pleasure rising and rising still to keep her moaning.

Keeping his grip onto her neck while still trying to slam fuck one of the hottest women on the planet, let alone in Hollywood, was difficult to say the least, especially as he knew that he had to dance the fine line between hurting her enough to give her the fucking of a lifetime, and going too far and choking her into an unconscious state. As he leaned back to watch her moaning and gasping face, seeing how lost she was becoming as her large chest heaved to try and draw in being stolen air, and how her sexy frame was rocking against his couch as he banged her, he knew the risk was too possibly ruin the moment by releasing his choking grip, or going all in and hoping to only drive her over the erotic edge. With that in mind, he made his decision, and starting to ram his cock in hard with a rapid series of balls deep thrusts to hammer away into that already wet and snug pussy, causing himself to moan out as he banged her.

With a raspy squeal and to her moaning delight as even while getting almost choked out she was able to lustfully smile in a sex-drunk way, it only took a few of these wild pumps to force her into an orgasm, legs shaking and breasts jiggling as her pussy clamped around his cock to give a receipt for the throttling she’s been taking. She kept on gasping as the fresh batch of tears rolled down her cheeks, the result of that incredible to her mix of pain and pleasure as she still gripped the seating, taking this fucking while experiencing a form of Erotic Asphyxiation, her delight further proven by how her juices are flowing over his fat and lengthy rod pounding away into her box.

Just as he vision blurred almost totally, his hands released the grip on her neck, making her body arch up in response as she released a loud gasp, panting for air with wide eyes as she took in that desperately needed air, only moaning as he pulled his still rock hard cock from her snatch. After a few moments, her breathing slowed to a normal pace, her eyes looking onto him and flashing him a grin of approval before she stared down at his cock, still dripping with her juices.

“Does… Does my Master wish to fuck his whore again?” Dennings offered, licking her lips as she reached down to first slide down and toss away her skirt, putting on a show as she reached into the ripped hole in her tights, grabbing and tearing off her wrecked panties from her body and dropping them to the floor before she looked back up at him.

“Damn fucking right I will!” He answered, reaching down and hauling her up from the couch, but only so he could take the seated position onto it, soon pulling her back down onto him, gripping his cock as he slid himself back into that wet box. “Up! Arms up!!” He demanded as she did so, raising them as she got herself into a squatting style position on him, her high heels wearing feet planting onto the couch at either side of his legs.

“Oh FUCK!! Oh shiiiiiiiiiiit!! MMMMM!!” The curvaceous actress was moaning again when not only did he start to thrust his cock up into her snatch once again, but was trapping her head and arms in a wrestling style hold known as a Full Nelson, applying force and pressure onto her and also ensuring her body was trapped with nowhere to go expect to take him slamming his dick rough and hard into her wet snatch. “Ahhhhh!! AHHHHHH!! OH FUCK YES!! Ahhhhhhh!!” She shamelessly cried out her approval, strands of her long brunette hair sticking to her face now as sweat already forms from the first sexual high she’d just experienced, but getting no rest as she’s getting roughly fucked in a different manner and position just a couple of minutes after the last. Obviously it’s a just as pleasurable time for her as it was before for both the sexually dark and desirable two are, as her tight snatch takes another round of stiff and swift pumps that have her body jolting and her large tits bouncing away in time with the motion her frame is being forced to do.

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