Selena Gomez posing with the huge bottle….

Selena Gomez posing with the huge bottle….

Selena Gomez is stunning in her new campaign photos for Coca-Cola, posing with the bottle that features her own lyrics. So cool!

Selena Gomez, 23, is killing it lately with all of the different campaigns she stars in. However, the standout has to be Coca-Cola, in which she follows in the footsteps of iconic stars like Cindy Crawford, 50, and even Selena’s real-life BFF,

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selena-gomez-share big coca cola and....Taylor Swift, 26.

“When your lyrics are on the bottle,” Selena captioned the photo, which show her dressed in red and sipping Coca-Cola out of a classic bottle with a straw. But, she means it! Her lyrics, “You’re the spark,” is written on the bottle. Lucky lady!

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In the photo, you can see the tiny music note tattoo on her wrist which accents the mood perfectly. She’s also wearing a sexy halter neck-like top, and her forever perfect hair has been blown out with tons of volume. However, they still managed to make the photo look vintage by applying some sort of Instagram-like filter. Love it!

This isn’t the first time Selena’s Coca-Cola photos have been leaked online. On June 10 a picture of her leaning forward with her hand in her hair was released, and yes, of course, she’s still drinking out of a Coke! The ad really seemed to resonate with those who remember the original ads done by supermodel Cindy Crawford. You can check out a side-by-side of the campaigns by clicking HERE.