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Scarlett Johansson leaked nude

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Scarlett Johansson leaked

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The 2014 sci-fi action flick “Lucy” which starred Scarlett Johansson as the titular character ended in a manner that didn’t open doors for a sequel. Director Luc Besson also confirmed at the time of the first film’s release that it would be a “one-and-done” deal. However, a recent report says that a sequel is currently in development.

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, “Lucy 2” was confirmed by film outfit EuropaCorp to be in development. The film was announced alongside “Colombiana 2.” Just like “Lucy,” “Colombiana” ended with proper closure, therefore the announcement of a sequel might seem quite surprising for many.

“I don’t see how we can do one. It’s not made for that. If I find something good enough, maybe I will, but for now I don’t even think about it,” said Besson back in 2014 when asked if “Lucy” would get a sequel.

With the announcement of “Lucy 2,” he and the writing team may have found “something good enough” to green light a sequel.

Scarlett Johansson leaked nude

A report from Screen Rant points out that the biggest difficulty in getting a sequel done is the manner of the first film’s ending. [Spoiler Warning] Lucy (Johansson) had transcended humanity by the end of the film and ditched her physical body as she became an ethereal being.

Johansson has not been confirmed for “Lucy 2” and given how the film ended, there might be no room for the character in the sequel. The film may focus on a world where Lucy’s transcendance has affected the human world or perhaps, there are more becoming like her.

However, as mentioned in the report, it would be odd for “Lucy 2” to not actually have the Lucy character in it.

At the time of writing, no screenwriter or cast member have been confirmed and there is also no release date. All that was announced is that Luc Besson and EuropaCorp are indeed working on a sequ

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