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I got home from work, exhausted as usual. I had graduated from high school a month earlier and found a job at a lumberyard not far from home. The work was very physical but I was getting very toned.

My mom greeted me at the door and asked, “How was your day?”

“It was fine” I answered “but my muscles are aching like you wouldn’t believe.”

“I’ll get you a beer and you can relax while I finish dinner.” she said.

“Oh that would be great mom, how was your day?”

“On my feet all day, my legs and feet are so sore but I have to keep working.” she replied.

I feel sorry for my mom, she had me when she was eighteen and has no idea who my dad was. She was a pudgy girl as a teen and thought that if she made out with all the boys she would be popular.

When she got pregnant she found that she was not popular at all and all her friends deserted her.

Her parents were not well off but they came up with enough money to buy a single wide in a rundown trailer park on the rough side of town. That is where I grew up and that is where we still live.

After I was born mom got a job at a fast food restaurant. She lived on junk food and her weight kept increasing; now she was 5′ 2″ and about 240 pounds. With that said she is my mom and I think she is the most beautiful women in the world and I have always fantasized about fucking her.

We had dinner of pasta and sauce, mom opened a bottle of red wine and we both enjoyed our meal. After we had cleaned up the dishes I went to change into a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, mom went to her room and put on a sleeveless house dress.

We sat on the couch together to watch TV and have another beer and a couple of shots of rye.

She asked me, “Are you still sore, if you are I can massage your shoulders.”

“That would be wonderful.” I said.

“Then take off your shirt and I will rub you down.” she answered.

Her fingers were like magic, the pain started to subsideand I really started to relax.

“How’s that?” she asked.

“Just great mom, would you like me to rub your feet?”

She smiled at me, nodded and laid down on the couch. She put her feet on my lap and said” Please do baby.”

I was so happy that I would be touching her, I took a foot between my hands and started rubbing. She let out a low moan and said,” God that feels so nice.”

I started rubbing her other foot and she spread her legs apart slightly. Her house dress was starting to ride up a little and I could see most of her legs. She lifted her arms above her head and I noticed that she did not shave her armpits. I found this a bit of a turn on and felt my cock starting to get hard. I moved my hand up from her foot and started to rub her calves.

“Oh that is so nice Davey, keep doing that.” she whispered.

I wasn’t about to argue with her and kept massaging her legs getting higher and higher up her legs. When I reached her knees she smiled and moaned softly. She spread her legs a little more and I realized I could see her pussy hairs. By this time I was sweating and my mouth was dry. I took a swig of beer and she said, “Oh don’t stop, that feels so good.”

I started massaging her legs again, well above the knee now and she did not protest. I started rubbing her inner thigh just below her cunt and I was drunk enough that I decided to go for the gold. My hand slipped up her leg till I quickly touched the hair on her pussy.

“You can touch me there baby” she said “It feels nice.”

“Are you sure mom?” I asked. And she nodded yes.

I wasted no time and my hand started exploring her mound. The hair was a light brown, the same as the hair on her head. As I touched her lips I could feel her wetness. Suddenly she sat up, looked at me and said, “Kiss me baby; give your mom a big kiss.”

Our lips met and her tongue went into my mouth. We kissed like lovers, not mother and son, for a minute or two and then she said, “Let’s go to my room.”

“Oh yeah.” I groaned and we got off of the couch.

My cock was stiff as a board and she smiled and asked, “Did I do that to you?”

“Oh god yes you did.” I said, and we went hand in hand to her room.

Once inside she took her dress off and stood in front of me naked. Her tits were huge; they hung down and rested on the top of her belly. Her nipples were erect and her areoles were about 5″ across. Her gut was so large it hung like an apron covering some of her pussy but she looked fabulous to me.

I took my shorts off and she got her first look at my cock since she bathed me as a child. It is about 7″ when hard and the foreskin ran half way down my purple head. I was leaking precum and mom licked her lips We got on the bed and mom took my cock in her hand.


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