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Nicki Minaj sex cartoon fucked

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Lil Kim isn’t one to keep quiet after being dissed. When Nicki Minaj made a comment about not giving up on your dreams at the 2015 BET Awards, it was clear she was referencing the rapper. Now, EXCLUSIVELY learned what Kim had to say about Nicki’s sly diss!

Nicki Minaj’s, 32, thinly veiled diss towards Lil Kim, 40, in her inspirational “don’t give up on your dreams” speech at the 2015 BET Awards did not sit well with the female rapper. While Nicki didn’t call out Kim by name, it’s clear the diss was for her predecessor. In fact, an insider EXCLUSIVELY told that Kim thinks Nicki should be thanking her for doing it first!

“If Nicki thought that her little sly comment would get under Kim’s skin, it didn’t. Kim is a legend in this game,” the insider EXCLUSIVELY said to “She’s the best who’s ever done it and Nicki should be thanking her lucky stars and her fake booty that Kim did it first! Without Kim, there would be no Nicki.” Yikes! This feud between Lil Kim and Nicki is heating up VERY quickly — that’s not to say the two rappers were on good terms before.

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