Melania Trump Before and After Photos

Melania Trump plastic surgery now becomes hot topic of discussion among netizens. The former model reportedly has some cosmetic surgery procedures done due to her unnatural appearance. The procedures are believed consisting of filler injection, nose job and breast implants.

Melania Trump Before and after


The rumor of Melania Trump former model plastic surgery actually began spreading and becoming hot news in several magazines in U.S after some people saw her with 15 years younger appearance. Her face does not show a lot of aging signs, but it still appears smooth and flawless. Her nose also looks more projected while the boobs appear much bigger and fuller than before.
Did Melania Trump Really Have Plastic Surgery?

The easiest way to know whether a woman has undergone plastic surgery or not, it can be seen from the comparison between before and after photos. However, the result of this comparison does not always show the accurate results, thus supporting analysis is still needed like the testimony of a plastic surgeon and most certainly is the confession of the accused woman.

Judging from the comparison between before and after photos, her appearance indeed looks like projected through plastic surgery. The procedures of Melania Trump plastic surgery seemed including the use of Botox, nose job and breast augmentation surgery. Now, let’s analyze one by one!
Melania Trump Skincare with Botox Injection

According to the data statistic from American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Botox injection is claimed as the most often taken by middle-aged women in U.S especially for Hollywood celebrities. Many of the 40-year-old actresses reportedly have undergone this filler injection to get rid of the wrinkles from their face, so that their face skin will always look smooth and flawless.

In the case of Melania Trump plastic surgery, her face indeed still appears too smooth for her age. It has to be noted that her age is already 45 years old, but her face does not show any frown lines or excessive skin like many other women in her age. It could be the result of Botox injection.
Melania Trump Plastic Surgery: Nose Job or Rhinoplasty

The other face feature that she has enhanced via cosmetic surgery is her nose. Many people assume that Melania Trump nose job may be inspired by her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump plastic surgery. Keep in mind that Donald Trump’s daughter has also been reported to get rhinoplasty to improve the shape of her nose.

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