Megyn Kelly vs. Donald Trump

The drama is (seemingly) over, but how did Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump get to their separate peace?

After months of public squabbling, the Fox News host sat down with Trump for an interview that’s set to air Tuesday on Fox Broadcasting. In a clip from the upcoming special, Trump almost apologized for the continual attacks against Kelly, saying, “In a certain way what you did might’ve been a favor because I felt so good about having gotten through. I thought, ‘If I can get through this debate with those questions, you can get through anything.’ ”



Here’s a quick history of Kelly and Trump’s relationship before the interview airs.
Ahead of the 2016 Presidential Race

Before even announcing his candidacy in June 2015, Trump was already a presence in Kelly’s life.

“He would send me press clippings about me that he would just sign ‘Donald Trump.’ And he called me from time to time to compliment a segment,” Kelly told Vanity Fair in January. “I didn’t know why he was doing that. And then when he announced that he was running for president, it became more clear.”
The First Republican Debate

During August’s first Republican presidential debate, Kelly ruffled Trump’s feathers by pressing him on his participation in “the war on women.”

In response to Kelly’s call-out of his often controversial commentary on women, Trump explained, “Oftentimes it’s fun, it’s kidding, we have a good time. … Honestly, Megan, if you don’t like it, I’m sorry. I’ve been very nice to you although I could probably not be based on the way you’ve treated me.”

The next day, Trump, 69, told CNN of Kelly’s questioning, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

In response, Kelly said she wouldn’t “apologize for doing good journalism.”

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