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Mariah Carey nude explosive


Cue the (expensive) wedding bells! Mariah Carey is getting ready to marry her billionaire beau, James Packer, and it won’t be a cheap event. She wants $200K flowers and white doves — but that’s just the beginning!

Mariah Carey‘s wedding to James Packer, 48, may be her third time walking down the aisle, but that doesn’t mean it will be a simple celebration! The 45-year-old singer is planning one extravagant $100 million wedding in the Caribbean, involving a release of white doves and flowers that cost as much as a Lamborghini. What else does the diva have in store?
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“Think private jets, performers, security, couture clothing and private chefs,” an insider told Life & Style. “They want imported mixes of 17th century tulip bulbs,” and those can cost up to $1000 each. But even just when you think that sounds insane, think again — Mariah and James also want Shenzhen Nongke orchids, which cost more than $200,000 per plant! Yep, there will be flowers that cost more than some people’s cars. Sounds appropriate for a Mariah affair, huh?

Mariah has said herself “it’s going to be grand,” so despite the staggering costs, we really expected nothing less from her. To add to all of the elaborate excitement, the guests will be sipping $14K worth of champagne, the source said. Plus, it will all be held on the exclusive island of Barbuda in the Caribbean, according to TMZ. But how will the 300 guests get there? Don’t worry, they’ll be flying in via private jet and staying in luxury hotel rooms — all courtesy of Mariah and James! Stream Mariah’s music, completely unlimited and ad-free, RIGHT HERE.

As if this doesn’t all sound extravagant enough, Mariah has apparently enlisted renowned designer Vera Wang to create a custom gown for the nuptials. But will that be the only dress she wears? Of course not! The costume designers from her “Mariah #1 to Infinity” Las Vegas show will be making multiple “party dresses” and “travel looks” for the wedding weekend!

It wouldn’t be a Mariah event without butterflies, though, so Mariah has that covered too! The singer is also planning a massive release of monarch butterflies AND white doves during the ceremony. Talk about the wedding of the century!

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But while Mariah is busy putting together such a lavish and pricey ceremony, her siblings aren’t so excited for her wedding day. Mariah’s sister, Alison Carey, is reportedly dying of HIV and needs brain and spine surgery in order to survive, and she has asked Mariah to help pay for the procedure. Reports have said that Mariah doesn’t want to help, but EXCLUSIVELY learned that she would never leave her family hanging. And with the ability to put on an over-the-top wedding like this, we would hope Mariah would pitch in to help her family out too!

What do you think of Mariah’s wedding plans, HollywoodLifers? Is the extravagance too cool or too much? Tell us below!

Originally posted 2016-03-22 11:07:41.

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