Leanne Crow VS Rachel Aldana VS Antonella Kahllo

I’m a big fan of Rachel Aldana, and I think she’s one of my top ten big bust models of all time, especially considering the fact that her 30N breasts are considered (by many) to be the biggest in the UK.

The question I was wondering was, does Rachel still have that title? Blush

Has far as I’m aware there are (at present) four major contenders for this title, and they are:

Rachel Aldana=30N (equal to a MM cup), and has far as I’m aware she’s the current record holder.

Stephanie Fox=32M. From what I can tell she’s probably the closest contender for Rachel, but there’s been no major news about here for quiet a while, so maybe be she has probably retired from the race.

Donna Jones=40M

Claire Smedley=(est)42MMM

If I’m honest I think Claire Smedley could be the most problematic of them all, because, without wanting to sound too harsh, something tells me that she’s the only one that, if it turns out she isn’t ‘The One’ could cause a bit of a stink about it. Undecided
The thing about the other three (Rachel, Stephanie and Donna) is that there is a certain degree level-headedness about their own attitudes towards having this (possible) title.

What I love about Rachel (God bless her! Smile) is that, although she enjoys doing the modeling and web cams etc on her website, she also seems to be firmly standing on the ground with regards to the fame she is receiving because of them.
I’ve seen her web cam interviews, and what I like is that her attitude seems to be “Hey everybody! I know I’ve got the biggest breasts in the UK, but I wasn’t planning on this happening-of the millions of woman in the UK it just kinda happened to me that’s all. These huge breasts are just part of my identity and who I am, and so I might has well just accept it into my everyday life”.

And I must say I like that (rather sensible) attitude. Smile

And then there’s Donna and Stephanie, and again they also have that ‘this-is-just-who-I-am’ attitude, but they also show a lot more ‘modesty’ regarding the publicity/status it has given them
If I’m honest I’ve only ever seen just ONE interview of each of them, and apart from a few modeling photos of Steph they both seem to have kept out of the limelight this title has given them, and although Rachel enjoys her modeling and running her website the most out of the four of them I think their (Donna & Steph’s) attitude is very much the same has hers- “We never expected to have this title, but now we’ve (possibly) got it we might has well just accept’’.

And I’m sorry to criticize or sound harsh, but from the interviews I’ve read about her I can’t help but feel that Claire seems to be the only one who DELIBERTLY seems to focusing on the ATTENTION she’s getting trying to get/maintaining that title. Whereas Rachel, Steph and Donna seem to say to the public ‘’I have the UK’s largest breasts, and that’s just the way it is everyone” whenever I read about Claire I can’t help but feel that her attitude is more like “I’ve got the UK’s largest breasts, I’m bound to get into ALL the newspapers and magazines with this title. Hooray! Everyone’s going to be talking about ME!”.
And to prove my theory, I’d like to highlight the following-Claire has always maintained her breasts are a 42M and that they were the biggest in the UK, but when she was measured by a PROFFESIONAL in January 2010 it was discovered that she was actually a 40K, which (in terms of cup size) is MUCH smaller then the other three.

HOWEVER, according to her, after this she then put on so much weight that they were now a 42MMM, and (apparently) they are heavier then ever.
(Which, if I’m honest, when you consider she publicly announced this AFTER being measured has 40K it kinda supports my theory that she is somewhat exaggerating her claims a bit to get the most out of this ’race’Undecided).
What I have noticed is that whenever Rachel has an important announcement to make to the public/her fans (like when she was pregnant, or come up a bra size), all she does is just go on her website and just simply ANNOUCES it to them (Reading her postings/web cams to me it feels like “Can I have everyone’s attention please? I just want to say…whatever…thank you for listening”) whereas I can’t help but feel that whenever Claire does that I can’t help but feel that a part of her expects a big round of applause from everyone at the end.

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All things considered, I don’t want to sound biased towards the other three but, if it’s base purely on measurements I still think that Rachel’s MM (or N cups) are still the current record holders, and if I’m honest still tend to gravitate towards her being the current record breaker.

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