LeAnne Crow hardcore in glory hole
Big Breasts Dream Babe, Leanne Crow, Wrestling With a Guy

so, I started off this week with a post about Leanne Crow’s recent pictorial, and last night I realized that the kings of big boobs entertainment, ScoreLand.com, recently added couple of incredible behind the scenes videos featuring this giant breasts dream girl… I already mentioned Leanne was not only painfully sexy, but also totally down to earth, fun girl to hang around (I’ve seen her few times @ LeanneCrowCam.com), and these candid videos are proving that better than any blog post I could write..

in the first one, she trying out one of those nipple cover thingies that strippers wear, having great fun bouncing those juicy big breasts, and trying to make those things work (you gotta love busty girls that love their boobs and obviously have fun with them).. in the second one she eats an ice cream, and gets quite messy with it, happily representing ScoreLand.com by wearing their shirt and write SCORE on her huge boobs with the cold, slippery cream.. and finally, in the 3rd one she ends up wrestling one of the Score male talents!.. and Im not talking that fake sexy wrestling thingy that girls sometimes do, but full on jumping on the guy, getting him in head locks, wrapping her legs around his neck, but also, ending up in quite uncomfortable positions, being put against the ground, the glass, and NOT giving up.. and even this lucky fella got his arms twisted, almost started choking, he was quite happy to be able to get to feel her magnificent body, even like this:

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