Leaked interracial sex Kelly Brook and McintoshKelly Brook Fakes leaked 

Leaked interracial sex Kelly Brook and Mcintosh

Leaked interracial sex Kelly Brook and Mcintosh

collage interracial sex Kelly Brook
collage interracial sex Kelly Brook


Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains explicit
descriptions of non-consensual sex. If this offends you, please
look elsewhere. This is FICTION. If you are tempted to recreate
the following scenes, your psychiatrist is going to be a very happy

Starfuck is designed to be a series of STAND ALONE stories (much
like the Hypno-Celeb franchise). However, each story will feature
the same protagonist
– an individual with the power to control
people’s minds. At some point, I might determine the limitations of
this power (ie how many people he can control at any one time), but
for now all you need know is that in order for control to be
established he must have skin- to-skin contact with his target,
though only for a split second. Now, lets just kick back and watch
him put his talent to good use….. Further starfuck stories can be
located at dejanews ‘celebfuck’

Comments and suggestions for future stories always welcome!
It’s your suggestions that keep me writing……….

Starfuck: Kelly Brook
by Mephistopheles

This is one of the most request stories of the last twelve
months. It appears Ms Brook made quite an impression during her
stint on C4’s ‘Big Breakfast’. I wonder why……?

Kelly Brook is a fantastic symbol of modern womanhood. Her
time as presenter of ‘The Big Breakfast’ set the woman’s lib
movement back years. Rarely can there have been a more blatant
incident of promotion solely through physique. The fact that Kelly
completely incompetent at even the less-than-taxing tasks demanded
of her by that show only served to highlight the fact that she was
only there to give men something to wank over first thing in the
morning. And, in that capacity, she more than meet expectations –
the reliever of a hundred-thousand morning glories. Moreover, the
deliberate and repeated leaking of internal memos detailing her
inability to read the ‘complex’ words demanded by the show’s script
led to one of the most prolonged and public humiliations of recent
years. Poor little Kelly looked all at sea, well and truly out of
her depth, as she tried to rebuff these criticisms. It was so
obvious that she was at best a semi-articulate wank doll. I
couldn’t have done it better myself…… Naturally, I have received
numerous requests to turn my
particular talents upon the delightful Ms Brook. However, while her
‘Big Breakfast’ nightmare continued I felt little need to
intervene – she was doing a fantastic job all by herself. After her
unceremonious firing (the poor girl even attempted to sell the claim
that she had chosen to quit…), it became a different matter
entirely. Suddenly, Ms Brook became very much fair game……

Her need to maintain a high profile made it ridiculously easy
to snare her. I let it be known that I was looking for a female
front- woman for a new satellite show (no such show exists – but
then a man with my abilities never needs to provide proof of his
claims), and she quickly made contact with me. I do so love it when
my prey walks willingly into my web. At our meeting I told her that
I was impressed with her resume (for which you may read her chest;
the little slut came dressed in an extremely tight tank top through
which her nipples aggressively poked – leaving no doubt where her
true talent lay), before suggesting that she give a demonstration of
her presenting skills. At this point, I invited her to take to the
Hellfire Club stage to act as presenter / compare for one of our
shows. Naturally, she readily agreed. Little did the slut suspect
just how close to the evening’s entertainment she was to be……..

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