Latina lust, Martiza, MexicanLust

Aliases: Martiza, MexicanLust, Mexican Lust, Marzita
Cup size: 38D
Birthdate: 1966 (50 years old)
Model Rank: 90
Categories: Plump  Milf  Naturals  Latina  D Cup  Brunette  

Maritza Mendez was born in Arandas, Mexico and is an Accountant in her day job. She’s also worked as an Accounting teacher and Aerobics Instructor besides running her own amateur website with her husband. They got into porn as a joke back in 2004 by sending in some nude shots to an amateur contest. While she didn’t win she was encouraged by the great comments she got. Big boob women are always surprised to find out men like big boobs, we’re always told that small and perky is what all men want. Maritza shouldn’t have been surprised though – she’s got a killer natural rack and a sweet round ass as well. That isn’t her husband in the pics and movies, it’s a friend of hers. I want to be her friend too! mmmmmMMmm.

Maritza’s daughter, Silvia, also models with her.

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