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Kim Kardashian selfie Ganbang

Kim Kardashian selfie Ganbang

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Tim pushed more of his dick in her pussy bringing a muffled moan from Kimberly’s lips. She was concentrating on giving head. She was trying to block out the man who was stretching her pussy like never before. He continued to saw his huge cock in and out of her pussy.

Her pussy was so stretched out by the huge cock fucking her. She was moaning as her body had actually started to respond to both the cocks at the same time. She felt naughty but turned on by the image playing out in her brain. Having two cocks at once was making her feel hot.

Kimberly continued to suck harder on bob’s prick and wanted to taste his cum again. Tim was only able to fit a small amount of his cock in her pussy. He wanted more but decided to pull out of her pussy.

Kimbery was wondering what happened because her pussy now was empty and bob pulled his dick out of her mouth.

“What is wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing.” Tim pulled her off the bed pulling her down to the floor. He had her lay on her back on the rug she was not sure what he wanted from her but she did not argue the point with them.

Kimberly lying on her back on the floor. Tim got on her stomach, grabbed both of her 35D breast, and started playing with her boobs squeezing the soft mounds in his hands. Bob crawled between her legs pulling her leg apart. When he had her legs spread wide he got down and started to lick her bald pussy. Tim continued to play with her big breast palming them in his hands running his fingers over her excited nipples. He thought the girl looked beautiful looking up at him with her big brown eyes. Her pretty mouth with her red lipstick smeared from having bob’s dick sucked. Her breast felt soft in his hands he continued to knead her big melons with his hands. Kimberly had a dreamy look on her face it had been a long time since her dumb ass boyfriend took the time to play with her big breast.

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“Ooohhh… ummm….” She moaned for the tongue, which was now licking her pussy and continued to suck on the engorged clit.

Tim gave her breast a playful slap. He took both of her breast and held them together. Raising his stiff dick between her breasts, he started to fuck them.

The Princess Kimberly had never been tittie-fucked in her life. This was a new experience for her to have a man fucking her breasts while his friend was eating her pussy.

Tim was now mashing her breast in his palms while he fucked between her breast bringing new pleasures to the young Kimberly. He was now sitting on her soft breast with his huge cock in her face. She knew what he wanted her to do. She did not want to try to stuff the monster cock in her mouth. Her small hands wrapped around his thick cock. She started stroking along its thick mass. She took the big mushroom head and started running her tongue over the sensitive tip of his cock. Bob’s tongue felt so good licking her pussy. Her body was reacting to pussy eating and becoming hotter with each lingual stroke. Tim’s big cock head was by her lips. Therefore, she decided to try for fitting it in her small mouth. Her mouth managed after several attempts to get the head in her mouth.

Tim’s fat cock filled into her mouth. However, she took it as a challenge to get his fat dick in her mouth, which she finally managed to do. She was now licking his dick and sucking on the head of his cock. Bob finished licking her pussy so he put his cock into her pussy. He started to fuck the hot bitch for the second time. Not caring what hole in her body he fucked, it was all good to him. He had already fucked her ass earlier and now it was her pussy. He also thought her blowjob skills were good. Once again mounting into Kimberly’s pussy, Bob gave her a hard pussy fuck.

Tim was so close to Cumming but he did not want to ejaculate in her pretty mouth. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and aimed it at her face. “I am Cumming… AAAHHHH!” He cried. At that instant, he noticed what Bob had planned to do as he had pulled out of her pussy before Cumming. He quickly slid up to direct his cock at Kimberly’s face.

Both the men started to shoot their cum all over Kimberly’s face. They both were thrilled to see the self-proclaimed Princess’ pretty face splattered in cum juice.

Kimberly’s face was now a mess of cum, which was dripping all over her face. Cum had gotten in her hair, She was literally drenched in cum. The men were more than happy looking at what they did to her pretty face. Kimberly on the other hand was pissed. She did not mind drinking cum from her man’s cock. However, she hated getting sticky cum in her hair. Then she saw ray j smiling face looking at her.

The end of the evening did not amuse her. Keeping calm, she stood up looking at Ray J. He tossed her a towel to let wipe the sticky stuff off her face.

Bob and Tim both really were pleased to see Kimberly’s cum splattered face. Both men once again took notice of her nude body. Her big breast, nice face, to her massive ass. Kimberly had a good reason to be conceited. She was really a hot chick!

“Hey princess! Did you enjoy yourself?” asked Ray J.


“Oh yeah, they were great.” She said

“Did you learn anything from them sugar.” Her boy friend was not happy with Kimberly’s comment.

Kimberly knew that Ray J was amused by her having sticky cum all over her face and in her hair. She was not going to give him any satisfaction. She grabbed the sheet from the bed and headed for the door.

“Kim! Where are you going?”

“Its bye now. The night is over.” She told him back.

As Kimberly was about to leave, she paused at the door giving the men one last look at her naked ass. Minutes later sitting in the car with a sheet wrapped around her nude body. The light finaly clicked on in her, somewhat not to bright little brain. ‘He is such an ass hole!’ Kim thought to herself.

Kimberly on her way home that night. She text Ray J and left him a message that she was breaking up their three year long relationship.


Hi, if you like this story about Kim Kardashian you may want to read Kim Kardashian-likes Discipline that story is family- incest-Lesbian sex only theme- and the story picks up at the club years after the breakup. In the story you might notice a reference made about a hot black girl that ray j wanted Kimberly to have a three some with. The other story has Kim meeting the black girl in the club check out what happens to Kim when they meet! Take care!

NOTE: This story based, on a public comment that was made from a reader of the other story with Kimberly- so if you have a story ideal or complaint let me know. I do listen to all sound opinions.

Thank you

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