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Kelly Brook nude, is too trashy?

The 35-year-old model was apparently dropped from a lucrative lingerie deal after her and ex-fiancé David McIntosh aired their dirty laundry in public, but her army of fans are disagreeing with the decision.

Yesterday we reported that a fashion industry source spilled the beans on the professional split.

“Kelly has had a partnership with New Look for years and it’s made both parties a lot of money

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“But Kelly’s reputation has changed recently because she’s being talked about for her dodgy relationships, especially with David.”

But according to our exclusive poll, Daily Star Online readers dispute the fact that Kelly is “too trashy” to continue her association with the high street store.

One angered Twitter user said: “She’s a stunner. They’re just jealous.”

Another added: “She’s not trashy, she’s classy and amazing.”

A whopping 60% reckon Kelly Brook is a proper classy Brit pin-up. So there you have it.

Originally posted 2015-02-11 09:45:37.

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