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Kelly Brook goes hardcore. Sex stories and Gallery

After a long period of trying and after a final agreement of £100,000, I had managed to achieve what no others had done before. I had managed to get Kelly Brook to pose naked for Front magazine.

* * *

It had been decided we would go to New York and shoot the pictures in a hotel suite. We chose one hotel known for it’s hospitality to celebrities and so booked a room. Kelly, made sure it consisted of separate beds. Once in the room we decided to take it easy before getting to work. we ordered a bottle of wine from room service and sat on the bed and began to drink it. All this time I was thinking that I was one of few lucky people who was going to see Kelly naked.

Once the bottle was half empty, I began to set up a small studio. I set a white screen against a wall and set up the flash for the camera. It didn’t take long before I was ready for Kelly. I asked her to get changed in the bathroom.

As she did I was getting harder under my boxers even by the thought of having a gorgeous girl posing naked for me.

When she emerged she had a lace white bra and knicker set on. My cock shot up as I saw her.

“Right” I said “shall we begin?”

“Okay” said Kelly, “but don’t get to close. I have a boyfriend who I love so much.”

she stood in front of the white screen and began to pose as I snapped away at her. She looked so shaggable in her underwear, but all I could do was take photos. She posed with her hands behind her head, then with her arms folded. She did a range of poses before it was the time I had been waiting for.

“It’s time for you to get naked,” I said “you still fine with it?”

“Yes” she replied “but I’ll say it again. Don’t make any advances.”

With that she undid the clasp of her bra and slipped the straps over her shoulders. I started shooting again. She then dropped her bra to the floor and I saw her beautiful smooth and large breasts. Her nipples were slightly erect and her areoles were just deeper than her skin. She put her arms over her breasts and I continued to photograph her. She then slipped her thumb into her knickers and began to pull them down. She angled her legs so I couldn’t see her pussy. as her knickers touched the ground, I could guarantee she was naked. then, she uncovered her breasts and stood with her legs angled and looked into the camera seductively. I couldn’t stop clicking away. Then, she stood full on and I saw her pussy. I t was fully shaven and looked as smooth as the rest of her skin. My trousers almost ripped from the sheer bulging of my cock. I took one photo then stopped as I realised that pussies couldn’t be shown in the magazine.

“One for the personal collection” I thought.

“That’ll do for today Kelly, you were great” I told her.

She smiled and bent down to pick her bra and knickers off the floor. this sent me mad as I saw her open pussy from behind. I couldn’t help myself. I rapidly unzipped my trousers and dropped them and my boxers, ran over to Kelly and shoved my cock straight into her pussy. Kelly screamed as she felt me enter her. I could feel resistance. Could she truly be a virgin and not have shagged her boyfriend. She moaned as I broke her hymen and entered her fully.

She was half screaming and half moaning.

“Get off…I’ve got a boyfriened…this is rape…”

She had to pause to moan as I kept thrusting. She moved to the bed in attempt to pull herself free, but her tight pussy meant it wasn’t easy. On the bed, she turned herself round so we were in the missionary position. She lookked at me straight in the eyes, then kissed me.

I began thrusting harder as I began playing with her breasts.

“Ooh yes. Okay I’ll forgive you. Keep going. Oh yes make me cum” she moaned. With that I shot my hot sticky load straight into her pussy. She came with force.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” It was the most intense orgasm I had ever heard. I felt my cock getting soft and pulled it out.

We stayed in bed together for the rest of the night. We fell asleep with her hand on my cock and my fingers on her clit, ready for more fun the next day.

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