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It had all happened so fast. I had been in the front row of the Vancouver Astoria watching Katy Perry sexily gyrate on stage and then I had been pulled up over the black steel guardrail and guided towards the stage. I took three broad strides up onto the large stage joining the band, the dancers and the sexy singing starlet.

It had all happened so fast. She, she being Katy Perry, had grabbed me by my shoulders and forced her lips on mine to the rapturous applause of my fellow concert goers. She grinned and winked at me and playfully pushed me away and I was whisked away by the staff and concert promoters.

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It had all happened so fast. I was ran through the busy backstage area and guided to a large particular dressing room that had a large red oak door with a big golden star in the middle. Must be Katy’s I figured. But that wasn’t where I was before I came on stage. That didn’t make any sense! I could hear the steady slam of bass resound through the building as the last few chords of ‘I kissed a girl’ slowed to a stop.

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“Thank you Vancouver!” Katy screamed out as the show came to an end. I had seen plenty of rock shows end before so I could imagine the scene. Katy taking a bow as the coloured lights came up and showed off the rest of the band and the back-up dancers.

“Katy! Katy! Katy!” The crowd chanted back as the show finished. However, I was kept in the dark as to what was actually happening. I had had little direction since walking backstage. There was a simple ‘Through here sir’, ‘What’s your name? Kevin?’ and ‘Excuse me’ but that was it. I’d been thrown inside the room and was staring at the door. Had I been kidnapped? If I had been, my captors had picked a very public place and admittedly a rather strange place to do it.

I looked around the room, it was large and desolate but there was a large locker on the side of the room, which the door was open slightly. I pulled the door open and saw several costumes that Katy had worn during the show. Maybe since I’d been picked by Katy to kiss her on stage I had been selected for a meet and greet with her? That seemed much more reasonable than I had been kidnapped. Smirking, I turned around and saw that there was an en-suite shower block for whoever was using the building. The Astoria was a popular music venue, many musical bands played here so I suppose that made sense. Peeking in the block, I could see several cold, sterile shower heads that pointed to the middle of the room, there was a drain in the middle and the whole block had a sterile white set of tiles that looked similar to every other bathroom I’d seen before. The door opened and then closed as I turned to face the sound, snapping out of my daze.

There stood Katy Perry, her hair was wet with sweat from the show but despite that, she still looked so glamorous. She was still clad in the attire from the show, she had on a pair of knee high black leather boots that matched her silky black sheer stockings that ran up to her waist and they attached to a red and black waistcoat that she had on. The waist coat had three glittery buttons that ran down the middle and kept the fabric tight around her terrific waist and pushed her magnificent jugs upwards. The waist coat had a long tail at the back that dropped to a broad point just below her ass and had covered up the back of her underwear. What I had seen during the show, it looked like she was simply wearing black hot pants, but they had two glittery red hearts on either side of the briefs. Her hair was back to being black and was in curls that sat just above her shoulders, she had on an alluring shade of dark eye shadow and bright pink lips that with my earlier experience, I knew tasted of cherries. Just like the song! I noted to myself as I stepped back into the room to face Katy.

“Looking to take a shower?” She said with a warm, winning smile as she briskly walked into the room.

“No I was just…”

“Snooping?” Katy offered a big grin on her face.

“Snooping.” I confirmed, matching her big grin. She smirked and walked into the room a little further, there was a pretty girl with her but Katy soon dismissed her with a nod of her head. The girl smiled and made her way out of the dressing room, leaving the two of us alone in there.

“Kevin right?”

That’s me. “Right.”

“Katy Perry.” She said a warm smile on her face as she offered her hand for me to shake.

“Oh I know!” I said with a big grin, taking her hand in mine I kissed the ridge of the knuckle making her smile.

“Well, welcome to my dressing room!” Katy beamed, making a broad sweeping motion with her hand.

“Yeah… Uh… Thanks for taking me back here. It’s a really nice place.” I said, making polite conversation, a little unsure as to actually what to say. What can you say when you’re face to face with one of the most desirable women on the planet?

‘Hey, you’ve got great tits?’ Yeah, that’d go down great Kevin. I said to myself with an inward smile.

“Eh, it’s OK. With locker rooms, I think it’s the company that matters. Don’t you?” She asked with a smile. Her tongue slowly ran its way along her lips, almost like she was trying to tease me. But, that would involve her flirting with me wouldn’t it? That couldn’t be the case!

“Sure, I bet they’re not much fun if you’re just by yourself.” I shrugged, looking at her with a pleasant smile on my face.

“Well, it can be fun. But it’s better if someone else is here.” She grinned and cast a sexy wink over at me. She walked over to the fridge in the corner of the room and bent down on her knees, opening the door she pulled out a bottle of water. Twisting the plastic lid to the right, Katy took the lid off and took a quick swig of the water.

“Mmmmm! That hit the spot!” Katy said with a grin. Offering the water to me, I politely declined it. She nodded and took another swig. “So, I bet you’re wondering why you’re here right?”

That I was.

“Yeah, I am a little bit… Not that I’m not happy to be here of course!” I quickly added, not wanting to screw up meeting Katy Perry and miss out on the chance to hang out with her.

“But of course!” Katy stuck her tongue out at my lightly but soon went back to a pleasant smile on her face. “You’re here because whenever I pick someone out of the crowd I like to keep them back here so I can… Talk to them.” Katy seemed to pause, almost as if she was trying to select the right word to use. Katy grabbed hold of a gun metal grey chair and unfolded it; standing it in the middle of the room, she sat down and smiled as I grabbed a blue one. I unfolded my chair and sat a couple of feet away from her, but I was pleasantly surprised when she pulled hers a little closer to mine. Her sweet perfume smelt of cotton candy and it wafted up my nose as she turned to face me. She slowly crossed her legs so I could observe her sexy, stocking clad legs as she peered at me.

“Well, that’s fine with me!” I said with a smile, I was honest too. I really did want to talk to Katy Perry. Sure, I could have been another person in her memory she’d soon forget but still I was going to hang out with Katy Perry! Screw the numbers!

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