Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift

Katy Perry is in no way over her feud with Taylor Swift. In fact, HollywoodLife has learned EXCLUSIVELY that KP has big plans to make the world completely forget about her nemesis!

Let the storm rage on! Katy Perry, 30, has some major plans for 2016– and they involve Taylor Swift, 25. The “Teenage Dream” singer is plotting to steal the spotlight back from Taylor in the new year with new music, new producers and obviously some vicious new ambitions. Check out the EXCLUSIVE details!

“More than anything, Katy wants to make the world forget about Taylor,” a source revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY. “Everywhere she looks, people are talking about Taylor and it makes Katy nauseous.”

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Well, can’t say Katy isn’t opinionated. But Katy ain’t all talk! She’s a gal with a plan. “Katy is biding her time, but she is working behind the scenes, writing songs and working with producers, getting ready for 2016,” the source added. “She wants to outsell and outshine Taylor in 2016.”

Of course, this news comes on the heels of reports that one of Katy’s upcoming tracks, rumored to be called “Crocodile Tears,” is actually a direct diss about T-Swift! Katy joined forces with producer Diplo (who is also not a fan of Taylor), and the two have recorded the song specifically to serve as payback for Taylor’s “Bad Blood,” which many believe was about Katy.

“Katy’s tentatively titled ‘Crocodile Tears’ is a direct reply to Taylor’s claims that she tried to sabotage Taylor’s tour by hiring her backing dancers,” a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Crocodile tears is a term used to describe insincere sorrow, and that’s exactly what Katy thinks Taylor tried to achieve in her interview with Rolling Stone back in 2014 when she made those outrageous claims.”

Looks like this feud is nowhere near over! Whose team are you on as this thing rages on: Team Taylor or Team Katy?

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