calendar nude 2015 Katy Perry XXX 

Katy Perry calendar nude 2015

Katy Perry calendar nude 2015

Nude calendars are a special type of wall calendars or table calendars. Nude calendars have proliferated in recent decades[when?] and some have become greatly anticipated annual traditions. A more recent[when?] development has been nude calendars for charity.

Female nude calendars

Mostly targeted at straight men, they follow in the tradition of men’s magazines featuring centerspreads, monthly nude features and swimsuit issues like Playboy and Penthouse and later offshoots. The Pirelli Calendar is famous. See also Calendar Girls and The Darker Image.
Male nude calendars

Mostly targeted at women, they follow in the tradition of women magazines like Playgirl that publishes centerspreads and monthly nude features of men. The men featured are at many times erotic and sometimes homoerotic.

Also a primary target are gay males who purchase the calendars. These may be general male nude calendars or more explicit exclusively gay-oriented male nude calendars.
Charity nude calendars

The first nude charity calendar was made by a group of middle aged Englishwomen, members of a local branch of the Women’s Institute, who were posing nude to raise funds for Leukaemia Research. The calendar was released in 1999, and became an international sensation, and also inspired the movie Calendar Girls.[1] Following this lead, charity nude calendars proliferated in the 2000s. Proceeds usually go to various health or social causes. Participants may include artists, celebrities, sportsmen and sportswomen, firefighters, military forces, the police, or members of a group such as farmers, Women’s Institute members who wish to raise funds for a chosen charity.

Successful charity nude calendars include:

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