Fakes Katy Perry XXX 

Katy had breast augmentation.

Katy Perry is a well known 25-year-old singer and her embarrassment of a 50’s pin-up girl style often performs on stages wearing her cleavage boosting clothes. She has very great body which attracts the people’s attention. Although her body is very thin, she has very full breasts and it invites the argument of some people that Katy had breast augmentation. Some people are still curious whether Katy had undergone augmentation for her breasts or not.


There is a statement that Katy had a breast augmentation to enhance her appearance before she gains the fame. But, her style performance at every stage makes her breasts wiggling and jiggling makes her breasts look like natural without the augmentation. Then, she often chooses to wear a bustier to help her breasts look fuller. It arises some person’s curiosity of why Katy does not show her breasts by wearing the less support tops.

Dr. Jennifer Walden, plastic surgeon, gave her opinion to Make Me Heal. After she looked at some photos and videos of Katy which uploaded on YouTube she opined that Katy might not had augmentation for enhancing her breasts. Walden believed that she has large breasts which suits C-cup or larger. She also recognized the neutrality of her cleavage area or upper part appearance of the breasts even she wears a bustier.

In addition, although Walden had stated that Katy may not do any breast surgery, she also did not resist the possibility of Katy’s breast augmentation. Katy might have an extremely great breast augmentation. It is very hard to distinguish between the well done breasts augmentation with the natural breasts. If the issue of Katy Perry boob job is true, it means that she had done the breasts augmentation very great.

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