KatieThornton does hardcore sextape

Katie Thornton young before Boob Job

Katie Thornton young before and After

Did you know that before Katie Thornton was the Katie Thornton we know today she was known as Tye Thornton? She was a lot thinner back then and she had smaller all natural tits! No big deal, a lot of girls go under different names and get boob jobs, but did you know that Tye Thornton also did hardcore? Something that crossed over briefly at the beginning of Katie Thornton.

KatieThornton does hardcore sextape
KatieThornton does hardcore sextape

These are pics from her very FIRST hardcore scene and I’ve read a rumour that she has filmed around 20, which I can’t confirm. I’ve seen at least one other pre-implant scene though.

After the implants but before she was a SCORE / Pinup Files / DDF model she did these hardcore scenes with a weird looking fucker who runs a Clip4Sale store. Not sure if she did full hardcore with him or just oral / handjob but her standards certainly was never high.

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