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Kate Upton vs Leanne Crow

Kate Upton vs Leanne Crow

British Busty Leanne Crow makes a wonderful update under the mexican sun in Puerto Vallarta for

She shares sun, fun and Mexican food with Hitomi, Natalie and Micky, an international smorgasbord of major melons. “I didn’t develop until I was around 16 years old and then it was like they grew overnight,” Leanne revealed. “It was crazy because I was flat-chested throughout most of my schooling. I remember that I would make excuses not to go swimming with the other girls because I was extremely flat-chested and they all had boobs. I actually used to stuff my bra and I couldn’t go swimming because it would be like I had boobs and then in a swimsuit, I didn’t.” Well, Leanne has no problems now filling out her bikini tops, as this pictorial and video amply prove!

Leanne-Crow-huge-big-boobs-5 Leanne-Crow-huge-big-boobs-2 Leanne-Crow-huge-big-boobs-1 kate Upton huge-big-boobs the other women Leanne-Crow-huge-big-boobs-4

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