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Kate Upton VS Jordan Carver huge boobs

Kate Upton VS Jordan Carver huge boobs

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kate-upton jordan carver huge boobs

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Fridays are the best! That said, they have the tendency to drag during the day. Enter the Viral Video Load! Here I have taken the time to scour the internet and find the latest videos you gotta see, leaving you with all the highlights. I literally took all the work out of it for your lazy ass and you’re welcome in advance! This week the VVL features a hot broad dressed up like a bunny, a celebrity dude dancing, an injured basketball player, a redneck and of course a white rabbit. Enjoy!

Happy Easter from Kate Upton

Humana humana! How did we not see this before Easter? Apparently Kate Upton recently dressed up in some way-too-small-white-bunny-lingerie to celebrate the holiday and of course filmed it so we all could enjoy from the comfort of our office chairs. I have never seen someone dye eggs so flirtatiously! Leave it up to the two-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model to make a religious holiday and children’s arts & crafts activities so damn sexy.

Gerard Butler Harlem Shake

This spartan Gerard Butler dude seems like a guy that can take himself way too seriously at times. Hell, all celebrities seem that way. You got to give it up for him though when this week he visited British troops and busted out the hottest dance of 2013, the Harlem Shake. His form isn’t anything to write home about, but he and the guys seemed to have had fun, and that is all that really matters kids!

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