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Kate Upton Officially Voted 'Best boobs
Kate Upton Officially Voted ‘Best boobs

Kate Upton Officially Voted Best boobs

I only had five months off from the comic book world before being sent to the fantastical realm of….Cleveland. But this was where the climax of “The Avengers” was being filmed, so I was sent to do more cryptic reporting on a top secret superhero epic. Since this one was years in the making and not a reboot of a 10-year old movie, this would be an even bigger assignment for me.

With almost every major Marvel movie superhero in this one, and with geek God Joss Whedon in charge, I had quite a lot to cover. It got so hectic, it was even easy to lose track of the biggest visual effect — Scarlett Johansson in her Black Widow body suit.

It had been a few months since her split with fellow superhero actor Ryan Reynolds came out. But with her….assets, how “Green Lantern” tanked and how “The Avengers” was looking, it seemed like she was coming out ahead. Still, I had to tread more carefully with her than with….other superheroines I’d interviewed.

Yet things went pretty smoothly when I talked to her and everyone else. I made sure to do it before they did most of their shooting, given how uncomfortable their costumes would be later. And since Scarlett was wearing nothing but seductive, skin tight leather, it was extra uncomfortable for her.

In fact, she got so much into joking about it, she said she wore nothing underneath that one piece because it was so hot. Somehow, I avoided dwelling on it until I got back to my hotel — despite seeing Scarlett run around while she had nothing underneath.

Nighttime and morning masturbation aside, I was determined to be a professional this time. I had my one allotted lucky break with Emma, so asking for a second one would be greedy. Getting enough material to just fantasize about a second one would do.

So I got back into work mode while touring the set the next day. I took pictures of whatever I could find, and it wound up leading me towards the dressing room. I was going to head to the costume room, when I saw Scarlett walking/strutting towards me in her full, filled out costume — or rather towards the dressing room.

“Sorry, I’ll get out of your way,” I excused. If Scarlett was here, there must have been a break in filming, or she must not have been needed now. Which meant she was probably looking to cool off until her next scene. Which meant she might be there to get out of her costume. And nothing else.

“It’s all right,” Scarlett assured. “While you’re here, could you find some water for me? I’d have found some myself, but I was in a rush to get here. And I’d ask one of our crew, but you’re the only one here, so….”

“No, I’ve got it,” I promised before going off. I did take a few discreet looks at Scarlett walking to the dresser, with her back turned to me and her ass swaying. That stood to help me out enough tonight, which helped me focus on finding her a water bottle today.

I headed back to the dressing room with water in hand, then reminded myself to be careful. If Scarlett was getting changed or cooling off for a while, I had to knock first — in case I interrupted something. So I went to the door, waited a few seconds — and after not hearing anything….suggestive, I knocked. “I have your water bottle!” I announced to give her a heads up.

“Come on in,” I heard Scarlett say normally. So it looked like I wouldn’t walk into anything private or naked. Good to know.

Instead, I walked in and saw Scarlett sitting in a chair with her back turned. But it didn’t take long to figure out she had pulled down her front zipper, reached into her leather suit and started to play with herself.

When I saw that, I panicked and turned around, thinking I’d intruded — and forgetting that she’d likely invited me in while masturbating. Yet in my hurry to avoid getting slapped or fired, I quickly yelled, “Sorry, sorry! I saw nothing, I’m outta here!”

But before I could try to escape, I heard her say quite calmly, “Well, then at least hand me my water first.”

“Your what?” I asked before remembering I still had that. Still paranoid, I kept my back turned to Scarlett and tried to walk backwards toward her. I held out the water bottle for her to take, and eventually it left my hand.

“You know, this thing takes a while to get out of,” I heard Scarlett go on for some reason. “I figured unzipping myself was the most I should do right now.” After a pause, her voice said, “Come on, nothing’s exposed, you can turn around.”

I eventually took her word for it and turned around. When I did, Scarlett was standing nearby — with her front zipper completely down.

Technically, her breasts weren’t completely exposed, so Scarlett was telling the truth. But the sides of her impressive boobs were quite exposed — even if the nipples were still stubbornly covered — and her bare stomach was mostly on display as well. She hadn’t removed anything else, but if she’d already gone this far….

“You, um…..that’s twice you’ve tricked me already,” was all I could point out. I was too busy trying to look at her eyes — while still ignoring the obvious truth that Scarlett didn’t care where I looked. She then opened the water bottle and took a drink — not caring that she was arching her chest out even more.

For good measure, she placed the cold bottle between her breasts and slid it down to her stomach. “That’s better,” she cooed in relief — whereas I was more in need of ‘relief’ right now.

“I’ve been exhausting myself in this fucking hot suit all day,” Scarlett resumed, not noticing the irony in her words. “And I haven’t had much time to ‘exhaust’ myself out of it for a while. Not in the last few months, anyway. So I’ve been taking care of it myself when I’ve had the chance. But maybe it’ll do me better to have some help.”

“Help, huh?” I asked weaker than I’d have liked. If this was going the way I was finally suspecting it would, I’d have to sound better. Yet Scarlett spoke up again in my place.

“Mmmhmmm. I’ve had plenty of time to imagine how I’d want to be…helped,” she punctuated as she walked up to me. “You look like you can give me that kind of help, but I just don’t know….”

All this talk of ‘help’ briefly reminded me that I still hadn’t seen Emma’s new movie. However, once Scarlett brushed her halfway exposed chest against me, I focused on the dirtier ‘help’ Scarlett was talking about. So much so that Scarlett could look down and see how much I was focusing on it.

“Well, that looks promising,” she admired. “But between the two of us, I worked myself up first….at least in the last hour,” Scarlett teased. “So get on your knees.”

“Get on my….” I started, but I didn’t need to finish it to understand.

“I’m supposed to be the one with superpowers here,” Scarlett pretended — even though Black Widow technically didn’t have them either. “I shouldn’t have to make you get on your knees and eat my pussy. But if I have to…..I’ll persuade you.”

Whether she was threatening me with Black Widow-style martial arts, or more Scarlett Johansson-style seduction, I didn’t know. But even if it was the former, the chance to eat her out made it less troubling.

Therefore, I finally got with the program and sunk to my knees — then Scarlett immediately pressed her clothed crotch against my mouth. And when I waited for her to expose her pussy, she just grinded it against me further.

So she wanted me to lick and eat her with the suit on, at least to start off. It wouldn’t taste as good — but I’d still have my tongue on her. With that, I tentatively stuck my tongue out and put the tip of it on her clothed groin. I tasted leather more than pussy, but Scarlett had made it a little wet herself from her earlier ‘work.’ And she was so worked up from it that she thrust her hips against my face.

When I looked up, the whole thing really hit me. It really looked like I was eating out Black Widow herself, which turned on the nerd in me. But all thoughts of the character were gone when Scarlett finally showed the rest of her breasts. Truly, these tits would have been lost in translation on comic paper — at least compared to seeing them right above me.

Scarlett tried to slip her arms out of her suit and was still grinding against me. It was probably too soon to try and touch her boobs, so I settled for touching the equally round cheeks of her ass. By clutching her backside, it helped me push herself even deeper onto me, which made Scarlett moan her approval. With the feel of her supple behind, the look of her even fuller tits and the increased sexiness of her moans, it didn’t matter that I was licking a suit right now.

Eventually, Scarlett bared her arms and slid the suit down to her waist. She then backed away from me and made a show of slipping the rest of the suit off her. It didn’t take long to see she really had been wearing nothing underneath.

Feeling a bit overdressed, I made the token gesture of taking my shirt off. I also got around to pulling down my zipper and pulling my cock out — then stopped when Scarlett got the suit completely off. One look at her full, curvy, naked body told me I got my cock out just in time — otherwise it’d have ripped through my pants.

I focused back on Scarlett’s face to see her looking down at my hard cock, which brought a smirk onto her ample lips. Since Black Widow didn’t smile too often, and Scarlett likely had little to smile about lately — at least in this area — it was relieving to see those seductive lips smile. Especially if they would smile onto my raging cock in a second.

Yet instead, Scarlett swayed back over and didn’t go down on me. “Well? Get back to work,” she teased, putting her now bare, wet pussy in front of my face. So we were still on that, then. Well, at least the suit wasn’t in the way.

Once I put my tongue back on her and actually tasted her juices, I indeed went back to work. I gazed at her pussy and made sure I lapped up every single inch, although my hands didn’t know where to go. My cock was aching to be touched, but if I did it, who knows what it might do. So I put my fingers on the tip tentatively, felt some pre cum coming out — then wiped it off with my index finger before sliding it down between Scarlett’s breasts.

I looked back up to see her reaction — just in time to see Scarlett take my index finger and put it in her mouth. My jaw stopped eating her and all but dropped, but Scarlett used her free hand to press my head back up against her. So I resumed licking her pussy while Scarlett was licking and sucking my finger — and while my arm now fit right between her tits.

I began to thrust my finger forward and fuck her mouth with it, which made Scarlett suck and lick it up harder. She let go of my arm and head, then grabbed her breasts and pressed them against my thrusting arm. It was like I was tit fucking her with my arm, while I was fucking her mouth and tongue fucking her pussy. This made us both suck harder and lap up everything we could.

Finally, Scarlett pulled her mouth off my finger with a pop, then sensually rubbed her sensual lips over it. I tried to do the same to her pussy lips, and when she stuck her tongue out to suck my digit back in, I slid my tongue into her as far as possible. Scarlett soon moaned onto my finger and swiveled her hips in a circular motion against my face.

A second after my free hand grabbed her shapely ass, Scarlett popped off my finger again and backed away. My hands dropped in shock and disappointment, but then Scarlett commanded. “Lie down. I’m tired of pretending your finger is your cock.”

I immediately laid on my back, leaving my cock standing proud for Scarlett. Instead of dropping to her knees and sucking me off, Scarlett walked towards me, turned around and stood over my face. She then went on to bend her apple shaped backside down until her pussy landed on my mouth.

I soon let myself take another lick, but got distracted by the feel of her hands unbuckling my belt — and then by them grabbing my cock. Now that we were in the 69 position, Scarlett could wrap those pert lips around my cockhead, while I tried to compose myself to wrap my lips around her clit again.

Yet I let my tongue do the work to start off, as I felt her tongue slide over my slit and all around my tip. Scarlett soon grinded her ass and pussy against my head, which made me eat her a little faster, even as her lips were sinking down my shaft.

As we each began moaning into ourselves, my hands got back to work and placed themselves on Scarlett’s naked back. They roamed over her sultry curves and her sultry behind, while my tongue fully roamed into her pussy. Her cock sucking got more intense as well, causing me to thrust into her mouth a few times. In response, she popped off me and I could feel her slide her tongue down my shaft and onto my balls — although I sadly couldn’t see it.

On cue, I heard Scarlett ask, “You wanna see this? You want to see these lips on your tasty cock?”

“Mmmm, kinda,” I groaned into her pussy.

“Fuck me hard with those fingers and you’ve got a deal,” Scarlett offered. Before I actually said yes, she took her ass off my face and set it down next to my head instead. With that, I had a better view of Scarlett holding the bottom of my cock. So to keep seeing it, I quickly inserted a finger into her pussy and teased it with another one.

“Mmmm, good deal so far,” Scarlett moaned, then glided her lips over my cockhead. “You’re gonna make me cum all over those fingers,” she predicted before briefly sucking my head. When she popped off, she finished, “If you do it fast enough, I might have time to cum all over this fat cock,” she stated before going all the way down on me.

I threw my head back, but made myself look back up and thrust a second finger into her. Scarlett looked back over me as best she could, letting her beautiful green eyes tease me while oh so slowly sliding her beautiful pink lips up my shaft. Once she came off my cock, she rubbed those lips up and down the side of my erection, then rubbed them over my balls without suckling them in.

“Oh fuck me…..fuck me with those fucking lips,” I called out. The sensation also made me grip and fuck her pussy harder, which helped her moan onto me in return. Scarlett soon merely sucked my cock with her mouth, yet her hand helped by rubbing my balls — and even brushing my taint at a few points.

With the middle and index fingers of my right hand thrusting into Scarlett, I shoved them in deeper and let my thumb brush the crack of her ass in return. Whether I could go in there was probably another matter. Nevertheless, I made my fingers fuck her as rapidly as possible, which got Scarlett to suck and moan even harder. Once I was done, I let my thumb go between her cheeks and start massaging the area.

“Is that what you want?” Scarlett asked when her mouth was free. Before I replied, she answered, “Then I want that cum first.”

She then sucked me so hard, I forgot about whether I could recover fast enough to fuck her. In fact, her tongue rubbed itself so hard onto my slit, I all but shut down. Scarlett hadn’t, however, as she thrust her ass back to fuck herself on my fingers when they were still. However, I made them move again even as she gave me one final big suck.

Scarlett clenched her pussy extra tight as I let myself explode into her mouth. I felt myself get drained as Scarlett drank my cum, as my thumb went into her cheeks and pressed against her asshole, despite not going in. Yet that move was apparently enough to make her cum as well.

I laid my head down once I stopped spurting into Scarlett’s mouth. As for her cum, I eventually brought it to my lips as it dripped off my freed fingers, then absentmindedly licked it all up. When I was done, I closed my eyes and let my fingers stay on my lips, although Scarlett ultimately took her lips off my cock.

Now that we had both came, I figured we wouldn’t have time to fuck. But if that was all we could get in, I figured I could live with it. I opened my eyes and started preparing myself to get up, yet Scarlett then lifted her ass up and placed it over my face again. “Lick me clean,” I heard her command. That wasn’t a bad way to wrap it up.

So I put my hands on her hips and licked out the remainder of her juices. And just when I was finishing up, she bent down and I felt her licking up my balls again. “Ooh! I don’t think you left any cum on there!” I tried to joke.

“No, I drained it out of there. I want you to store up some more before you fuck me,” she explained. “If this helps….” she left hanging before suckling my hanging balls again. Well, it didn’t hurt.

Although my cock wasn’t erect again yet — somehow — Scarlett was helping it get ready with ball play. So I helped her get ready with more pussy play, before Scarlett corrected, “We don’t have time….you’re gonna have to go up higher to get me ready.” Yet the only place higher than her pussy from this angle was…..ah. I guessed the thumb left her wanting more up there.

Well, more was what she would get, as I licked up her pussy and glided my tongue up to the bottom of her other hole. After spreading her full cheeks apart to get a better look, I dipped the tip of my tongue inside her ass to tease it out. However, it didn’t take me long to have enough of teasing.

Before long, I was thrusting my balls further into Scarlett’s mouth as she pushed her ass back against my roving tongue. With this kind of dirty play, we were both recovering pretty quickly from our first orgasms — and hoped we wouldn’t have a second one too soon. Yet when Scarlett licked back up to suck my once-more erect cock, and I jiggled her ass cheeks while rimming her, it was obvious we were both ready.

At long last, Scarlett got off me and turned around to actually face me. I sat up on my knees and she did the same in front of me, then remembered I hadn’t actually held her sexy body against me.

We fixed that as she straddled me on my lap, and I remembered to kiss her for the first time. Despite my tongue just having left her ass, Scarlett was no less eager to let it into her mouth — if not more eager. My hands went back to her ass and then slid up her back, allowing her glorious tits to press right into my chest. Right, I hadn’t felt those as well.

So when I finally did and took her ample breasts to my mouth, she shifted and dropped herself right onto my cock. Fortunately, my loud moans were muffled by her left boob, which was probably the point.

I adjusted to being inside of Scarlett as she settled onto me. When we were situated, she began to move her hips up and down my cock, as my face stayed buried in her cleavage. My hands went onto her waist and rested there, then I let myself join in and thrust inside of her.

“Fuck, I missed this,” Scarlett muttered. I reasoned she was too busy shooting and getting through divorce stuff to do this — since it was the only excuse that made sense. I got a brief thrill from thinking I might be the first person she fucked after the divorce, but I didn’t want to get carried away. Her tits, pussy and moans were doing that enough on their own.

“I can see why,” I settled on an answer. Not long after, I finally got my face off her tits and leaned back to take in her whole body. Her whole supermodel body, with bouncing supple parts everywhere, long legs wrapped around me, and a stunning face in the throes of passion.

It was something that last time, I fucked a blonde who was a little bit hotter as a redhead. Now I had a redhead who was a little bit hotter as a blonde. And in both cases, they were too fucking hot and tight everywhere else to mind. And with this curvy, D-cupped bombshell bouncing on me and oozing sex everywhere, all I could say is, “Holy fucking wet dream, Batman,” for some reason.

“Wrong franchise,” Scarlett pointed out before I could. However, I was the first to laugh about it, as I hid my embarrassment into her chest.

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