Busty Kate Upton Boob Job? Before and after Pictures

For the past few decades the world of fashion has been a place for the skinniest and petite figure models, although in recent years there’s definitely a change in perspective, and even with this long going stereo type Kate Upton has been one of those handful of women who have literally shattered every rule in the book.

Kate Upton natural breast o implants?

Kate Upton silicone tits

Starting her career at the tender age of 16, Kate broke out from her Holy Trinity Episcopal bookworm days and transformed herself into one of the most successful swimsuit models there is. With her great energy and curvy body measurements, she is now considered one of the hottest and most successful models in the industry. But if you think that it was only her, who made the miraculous transformation, then think again because her boobs have also been through a solid makeover and here is the scoop behind the Kate Upton bra size story.

Busty Model of the Decade and her Bra Size – Kate Upton Breast Implants or Not?

From a very young age Kate loved horse riding, and before she got into the limelight with her super good looks and perfect figure, she was studying in a private school and training to become a young equestrian. With one of the most successful family background, everyone thought that modelling would be Kate’s last choice. But being labelled a nerd all her life eventually got to her, when she finally decided to become a swimsuit model in 2008. From sports illustrated covers, to high fashion shows to body paint projects and even acting, the young model is just unstoppable!

2014 Celebrity Photos Leak

The latest leak of celebrity pictures included some very personal pictures of Kate Upton, this constituted a serious breach of Kate’s privacy and show that no one is safe from hackers in this information era. For those interested in plastic surgery and the truth about kate upton breasts, this leak gave a unique opportunity to see how she looks without a bra. After reviewing the pics we can positively say that in our opinion Kate breasts are natural and real.

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