Kate Upton naked has competitors

Kate Upton naked has competitors and after the announcement of Charlotte McKinney with its great burgers and now the naked Jennifer Lawrence and KIm , Kate Upton has decided to filter scenes of his latest work : Kate Hotton.

In the film , Kate Hotton (Kate Upton ) desperately looking for a good baseball bat and it does a casting men , whites and blacks with huge , long and hard cocks.

She has passed the true test of stone foxiness, she looks just as hot in that white dress as she does in a white bikini. The only thing that doesn’t pass the eye test, are those high heel shoes. They were so painfully vertical that I bet Chary couldn’t wait to kick them off and sink her toes in that sand on the set, even if it was dirty, New York sand.

kate upton nude has competitors

From Inquisitir.com
The Sexiest Woman of the Year award-winner has seemingly been challenged by many new models whom the media have dubbed as her competition. Just this past month, Charlotte McKinney ascended to the moniker of the “Next Kate Upton” with her seductive Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial that created quite the controversy for its explicit nature. In it, McKinney strolls through a farmers market au naturel, concealed by some hilariously-placed props.

Although Charlotte’s blond and curvaceous figure makes it easy to see why many would compare her to Kate Upton, McKinney herself tries to downplay the comparison. Charlotte told Fox News recently that while she admires the “business aspect of [Upton’s] career,” she’d like it to be known that her and Kate are “two totally different people.”

Now enter Hannah Davis, the girlfriend of retired New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and new cover girl for Sports Illustrated. The racy cover has ignited controversy for it’s “barely there” bathing suit. But it’s also passed along the mantle of “Next Kate Upton” onto her shoulders now as well.

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