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This is sexy cop babe Kate Upton. It’s your job to dress her down and get her naked in order to play with her hot body. She gives you a blowjob and even anal!

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Tropical Island Sex
With Kate Upton
Written by Hearsz
(MF, BJ, fantasy)

Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

A/N: This is just a teaser for better stories to come! I have two stories of her in the pipeline but this idea came after watching a snippet of a sex scene on another site and I thought it could work well with Kate’s SI photo-shoot’s. It’s not perfect, but I felt the need to write and release it to get the ball rolling as they say! I started writing this before Kate’s 20th birthday (June 10th), hence why she’s regarded as a teenager in this story. Enjoy….

I dreamt about her again last night…

Maybe it was forever staring at her latest pictures in GQ magazine right before I went to bed, but this dream felt more real than any other I’d had of her recently.

Picture yourself lying on the beach of a secluded island in the middle of the Pacific, soft white sand beneath you, tropical sun overhead, wearing only a pair of board shorts. Your eyes are closed, peaceful, idyllic and all you can hear is the ocean moving back and forth only a few yards from your feet.

As you lean up and put your hands behind you to hold yourself upright, in the distance you see a figure rise from the water through your sleepy eyes.
As you look the blonde goddess up and down, you notice her wearing a sexy blue two-piece bikni, the sea water cascading down her sexy voluptuous body as your eyes widen in surprise.

As this gorgeous beauty approaches you ever closer, she completely unties her bikini top, freeing her large delicious breasts, your cock rapidly hardens underneath your shorts at the sight of them. Then as she continues to move through the shallow water, she then swiftly unties her tiny blue bikini bottoms, releasing them to fall into the clear water.

Your ultimate fantasy is now completely nude, her hot teenage body displaying all her best features. That gorgeous face, big blue eyes, that sexy little mole above the right side of her pouty lips. Those delicious 33D sized breasts, sitting perfectly upon her chest, clean shaven hairless pussy between those nice supple thighs and her perfectly tanned long legs are to die for. It’s a dream come true!

As the nude Kate Upton stands over you, you exclaim, “Oh my God, this has to be a dream!”
In a sultry voice, the young model replies, “Well if it is, then why waste any time?”

As she says that, Kate bends down on all fours, her knees and hands descend slightly into the soft sand as she moves toward you.
You can’t help but gaze at those amazing mammaries as they hang down so erotically, swaying from side to side as she crawls so elegantly toward your shaking legs.
You’re not sure what is going to happen exactly but you know the anticipation is killing you, and you pray to God that you don’t wake from this incredible dream.

She moves over you, those lovely tits rubbing against your bare chest, feeling those hardened nipples drag up your body. She moves her beautiful face close to you and before you can react, she leans in to kiss you, sending an electric shock right throughout your body. You run your hands up and down those delicate hourglass hips as her tongue wrestles with yours amongst exchanging doses of saliva.

Your hands drift down to her succulent taut ass, fondling and squeezing each cheek as the mouth massaging becomes more passionate and she moans into your mouth each time you tightly squeeze her perfect tush.
Disengaging her juicy mouth from yours, the 19 year old stunner asks you invitingly, “Would you like me to suck on that hard dick of yours?”
“Uh-huh” is all you can say in reply.

Kissing down your body, Kate reaches her target, kissing the thick boner that protudes through your board shorts, even managing to hold your protected length between her pearly white teeth. She strokes your manhood up and down, whispering softly, ‘Mmmm, nice and firm”.
You really can’t wait for the lovely Kate to pleasure you, and luckily for you, she doesn’t want to Waste any more time, as she unties your pants and pulls them down,
your hard throbbing dick springing out to her delighted eyes.

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