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kate upton cum on tits kate boobton

Kate Upton Exposes Her Massive Boobs

Jim was in his 40s and was dating a women in her late 30s and after several months of Jim
Asked his new girlfriend to move in with him and bring her daughter Ashly. The three lived to
together for a few months now summer rolled around and Ashlys mom had to go away for work the
entire summer 3 months. Jim was left alone in a big house with Ashly and she was alwaqys walking
around half naked showing her big ass and big fat huge tits. A few weeks ago Jim was talking with a friend
Tom and Tom told Jim how he fucked Ashly Tom was old enough to be her dad Jim was shocked and turned

Ashly was a uppity teen she was arrogant had a bad attitude and a big mouth. Since Ashly’s
mother was away she was running around town being the little slut she is even more so now.
Jim waited till 2 am for Ashly one monday night when Ashly walked in she was dressed like a
slut Ashly is 5 foot 10 and 201 pounds she was a bigger girl but was vcery sexy big ample
apple shaped ass and a huge 34F big boobs Ashley had brown eyes and long blonde hair
She had heavy pink eyeliner on and was wearing a tight pink tank top showing her cleavage
and a short pink mini skirt showing her long naked legs and ass cheeks hanging out also pink

Jim was a large man fat but big in general but Jim never had luck with attractive girls because
Of his weight he was 6 foot 8 and 300 pounds. Ashly walked in Jim was sitting their in boxer shorts
drinking beer he had several the empty cans strewed accross the table. Ashly walked in
Where the fuck have you been Jim said. Ashly walked up chubby ass cheeks jiggling
hanging out her skirt out she replied in a uppity tone. Ashly stepped up look at this place she said
then saw a porno running on the tv Jim she squeels. What he replied your moms gone
You should sit and watch he smiles. No way Ashly said shocked my mom would freak out
Jim laughs its nothing you haven’t seen.

Ashly was very shocked as Jim began to pull hos shorts off kicking them off naked now she
was shocked by his 8 inch cock. Jim openly began stroking staring at Ashly and not the tv.
Oh my god Jim she yelled shocked come on Ashly have a seat he grabbed her wrist and pulled
her beside him on the couch her big tits jiggling in her top. Fuck Jim Ashly squeeled I wanna go
Sleep. Jim just laughed and rubbed his huge cock sitting beside Ashly his big belly exposed.
Jim stop your jerking off Ashly whined but she did not seemed grosed out or turned off but

So what Jim laughed well your dating my mommy Ashly said. So Jim laughed you are fucking guys
doing nasty things your Mommy would not like I heard about you and my friend Jim laughed
if you really wanna go why don’t you show me those big titties so can jerk off
Ashly simply let out a sigh oh my god Jim she whined and pulled her top over her head
Exposing her huge 34F tits and pancake nipples sitting their beside jim brushing her long hair
from her face. Jim reached out and held her big fat tits squeezing them with a body like yours Ashly
you should be a little slut these tits need to be shared Jim laughed.

Jim squeezed and slapped her big tits while rubbing his cock and soon soflty said stroke
It for me Ashly. Jim she squeeled you can never tell my mommy I won’t Jim replied.
Seeming only annoyed she reached out and rubbed her fingers all over his cock as he
GroanedM Ashly grasped his cock and began stroking and beating him off
Your cock is so big Ashly said as Jim continued to squeeze her huge tits. Jim stood up
do it on you knees he said and Ashly sighed then stood and knelt infrot of Jim
In heels and a skirt and a pink thong alone she rubs his cock right infront if her face
Jim grabbed his cock taking it from her hand her begin slapping Ashly’s chubby
Face with his massive cock. Stop she whined Jim pleads come on open your mouth
again the little slut sighed and poppped her lips tight around his huge cock head and began
Bobbing slurping and sucking his massive cock fuck yes Jim groaned he fucked her
Chubby mouth for a few minutes holding one of her huge bouincing tits.

Quickly Jim pulled out and groaned shooting cum all over Ashlys pritty face
and in her mouth Ashly swalloiw most of it and licked cum off her lips. Ashly looked up
And asked you won’t tell my mom right no sweety and don’t worry she won’t be back
For 11 weeks we have lots of time before she’s back and Mike rubbed his cock
All over her cum covered cute young chubby fac

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