Kate Upton Breasts Sports Illustrated Poster

Kate Upton Breasts Sports Illustrated Poster

From Kate Upton, Britney Spears and Emma Watson to Lucy Mecklenburgh, Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence (pictured above), but there are also Ariana Grande: here’s the 12 women’s 2017 symbol, united by beauty and charm and elegance, in this ranking by sociologist Alejandro Gastón Jantus Lordi de Sobremonte for “World and Pleasure Internazional Magazine”.

What are the most beautiful women in the world? In the last century, Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly would be. Today, however, overwhelmed by the new aesthetic canons spread by the mass media around the globe and by the high number of sex-symbols they every day try to impose, on the podium are placed Kate Upton, Britney Spears and Emma Watson. “And everything keeps changing: time passes fast as beauty,” says sociologist Alejandro Gastón Jantus Lord de Sobremonte , author of ‘The influence of mass media in the genesis of the aesthetic idea’.

Aologian, professional journalist and internationalist, Alejandro Gastón Jantus Lordi de Sobremonte has been curated by the new World and Pleasure International Magazine, which together with Emilia Lordi-Jantus de Sobremonte was the founder in 1999 and which is still today director. “Our intent was to design a women’s most beautiful, but also more intriguing and sensual, taking into account parameters such as charm, elegance and level of appreciation from the public,” explains Alejandro Gastón Jantus Lord de Sobremonte . Not only considering the physical beauty of women, but also other factors such as public appreciation, it is no coincidence that there are only actresses , models and singers on this list, all categories with greater potential to enter the hearts of people.

And that 11 of the 12 most beautiful women in the world are Anglo-Saxon, it is in the forefront of the Anglo-Saxon press worldwide and in the fact that “the mass media determine the formation and the change of aesthetic ideals, both perceived at the individual level by the same operators of press organs of both masses ” as theorized and demonstrated by Alejandro Gastón Jantus Lordi de Sobremonte in the Laureate dissertation at the University of Cassino and subsequently published for the types of Logos in 2007.

But who are the most beautiful women in the world? The first place in this ranking is the great, beautiful and beautiful US model Kate Upton
, the founder of Whirlpool’s founder and former energy minister, noted for his appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue magazine and on cover covers as GQ, as well as for its provocative videos that have depicted on YouTube. The second place is for Britney Spears , the US, one of Hollywood’s biggest pop stars, who became very popular in the early 1990s, selling 9 million copies and becoming the number one of ” Billboard Hot 100 “. Third place, British model, actress and activist, Emma Watson , known to the general public as Hermione in the Harry Potter film saga , where she played the role of Harry’s best friend. Now he grew up and also very well: he lost his hair frown and awkward appearance and became a true sex-symbol. But the famous actress also studied at Harvard and Oxford and is very clever. Passed from “Harry Potter” to the biblical matrix colossal “Noah”, with its magic charm could not miss the most beautiful women in the world.

Fourth place is for US actress Kaley Cuoco , protagonist of numerous internationally renowned movies and TV shows, after staring at The Big Bang Theory. While fifth is for Jennifer Lawrence , who is also a US star who has starred in the X-Men saga and has since played numerous films and comedies, winning an Oscar Award, two Golden Globes, a BAFTA Prize, two Screen Actors Guilds and a Marcello Mastroianni Prize. Sixth place for the Greek model Georgia Salpa , among the most prominent models of recent years, was born in Athens by Irish mother and Greek father who grew up in Ireland where she started her model career after leaving school. Since then he has worked for many important magazines and, thanks to his sympathy, has established himself in various television programs.

Kendall Jenner , the youngest supermodel, is known for his seventh place, thanks to the reality show “Al passo con i Kardashian”: thanks to his 178 cm height he had no difficulty when at age 14 he started modeling career, debuting at the Sherri Hill Spring Fashion Show. Eighth is British model, actress and British television presenter Kelly Brook , who became known for his role in the “Piranha 3D” remake and the “One Big Happy” sitcom. Nine-tenth place, respectively British actress Michelle Keegan , who achieved fame thanks to her role in “Coronation Street” and her multiple appearances at FHM, and British television presenter Caroline Flack , whose career began when she starred in “Bo ‘Selecta!”. To win the 11th place is instead the US singer Ariana Grande , who has entered the music scene in a disruptive way with its powerful vocal chords, to be compared to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. And she closes the rankings at the twelfth place British model and actress Lucy Mecklenburgh notices for her sexy look and glamorous style.

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