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Perry barely budged, an added benefit to her height advantage. She reached back and squeezed Mila’s cheek. “Aww, that was so cute! You’re like a little scrapper, ain’t ya?” Katy then gave a light tap to Mila’s face before pulling back and unleashing a vicious slap. The force of the blow stunned Kunis, as tears formed in her lake-like eyes. “Stop squirming or I will end you, got it?” Katy’s expression changed from delight to anger, as her face scrunched together in a sign of genuine displeasure.

“Now, where was I? Oh yeah, your pussy,” she cheerfully squeaked as she returned her attention to the green bottoms. “I bet I can make you feel really good,” Katy said, dragging out the o’s in good like an elementary teacher would to a young class. Perry then ran both hands across Mila’s crotch, allowing the gentle friction of her movements to do their work. “Yeah, that feels really nice. I do it to myself all the time…just…like this…mmm…” Katy continued to lightly rub Mila’s groin, as Kunis lay helpless.

Mila’s frustration was increasingly rapidly. She couldn’t believe how quickly she’d been taken down and despite all of the hatred she felt for Katy Perry, she couldn’t help but succumb to the singer’s delicate manipulation of her sex. Kunis was becoming increasingly wet as goosebumps rose up all over her petite frame.

Feeling Mila’s constricted frame tense up, Katy was confident that her tactics were effective. “Look at you, you’re loving this. You love me, don’t you? You can admit it, it’s okay.” Katy slid her hands down to Mila’s thighs, gently massaging them. She then moved her hands back up until she hooked her thumbs under Kunis’s waistline. “Mind if I get a peek?” she asked with fluttering eyelashes.

The enraged Kunis was sick of the taunting being heaped upon her by the larger Perry. Seeing an opportunity, Mila swung her legs upward, managing to lock them around a stunned Katy’s neck. Then, in a move of surprising athleticism, the shorter brunette’s leg scissor grip pulled Perry off of her torso. This nimble technique managed to free her from Katy, as well as put the leopard-bikini’d woman on her back.

Mila sprung to her feet, looking to take control of the match. As the dazed Perry shook the cobwebs from her mind, Kunis fired off two kicks to the small of her back. When Katy winced in pain, Mila snaked her legs around Katy’s waist before locking in a sleeper hold. Kunis didn’t have a game plan, and after the abuse she just took, she knew that her best strategy was just to keep Perry on the mat.

Katy was now in a world of trouble. Her petite opponent seemed poised for humiliation, but somehow now had her in a real predicament. The sleeper hold was beginning to cut off oxygen to her brain, while the leg-scissor around her waist was constricting air flow to the rest of her body. To make matters worse, she was unaware that she wasn’t terribly far from the ropes, which would be her salvation.

Kunis strengthened her grip further, shaking Katy’s head as she tried to synch in her sleeper. “Think you can beat me?” she yelled into her trapped foe’s ear. Enjoying her newfound position of dominance, Mila leaned forward, pressing her bare breasts into Katy’s back. She used her nipples as tiny daggers, poking them into Perry as reminders of what lay in store for her.

Perry’s arms flailed around as she tried desperately to break free. She could feel the toll being taking on her due to lack of air, and if she passed out she could only imagine what Mila was going to do to her. Finally, just as it seemed that she was fading into darkness, her arm managed to grab onto the bottom rope.

Mila, however, refused to break the hold. She began violently shaking Katy’s head, looking to squeeze every inch of torment out of the move. Finally, for fear of being disqualified, she broke the hold. Katy sucked in precious amounts of oxygen as she rubbed her sore neck.

Seeing another opening, Mila grabbed the taller girl by her tresses and pulled her to her feet. Once vertical, Kunis delivered a kick to Katy’s unprotected crotch. The low blow stunned Perry, who involuntarily began to tumble forward. Mila, showing incredible reflexes that she developed during ballerina training, grabbed the falling Katy’s head and dropped her with a DDT, driving the raven-haired woman’s face into the mat.

Katy landed with a very loud thud, lying on the mat with her limbs sprawled out across the campus. Next to Mila, her frame seemed downright gigantic. Kunis examined her handiwork for a moment before looking down and realizing that she was topless. Believing one good turn deserved another, Mila rolled the dazed girl onto her back, looking to inflict some damage of her own.

A broad smile crossed Kunis’s full lips as she stared down at Katy’s massive bounty. Perry’s breasts had been poured into her leopard-print bikini top, leaving an overflowing amount of cleavage for the fans to fawn over. While many in the audience liked Katy and her antics, they were more than willing to cheer Mila on as she began to strip the teen idol.

“Let’s see how funny you think it is when someone pulls your tits out, whore,” Mila taunted as she began to pull on Katy’s top. Perry was in no position to put up any resistance, so all she could do in her semi-conscious state was lay there as Kunis undressed her. With a powerful yank, Mila was able to separate Katy from her bikini top, leaving image her alabaster breasts exposed to the throngs of eager fans. Even Mila was taken aback by the appearance, as Katy had made a career on teasing the audience with her chest without every showing them. But, thanks to Kunis’s antics, they were in full display.

Not wanting to waste any time, Mila dropped her knees into Perry’s stomach, once again forcing the air out of her lungs. She then hungrily grabbed two handfuls of Katy’s breasts, crushing the naked skin. Her small hands could barely contain the mammaries, and every squeeze would force more flesh to pop out from between her fingers.

Kunis’s breast attack seemed to be working, as Katy let out a banshee-like wail. Mila released Perry’s boobs for a moment to contemplate her next move. “Oh yeah,” she said, remembering the torment Katy inflicted, “you went right after my poor nipples. Let’s see how your floppy tits like it!” Kunis pinched down on Katy’s pink nipples, flashing a look of sadistic glee as she sees the pained look on Perry’s face. Mila’s dislike of Katy Perry and her theatrics was only amplified by Perry’s earlier torture, where Katy attempted to humiliate Kunis with her sexual tactics. Now, as she twisted and tugged on Katy’s nipples, she drank in the shrieks and tears.

Katy was in trouble again. Her breasts were being mangled by Mila, with no end in sight. The waves of pain weakened her grip, so she wasn’t able to pull Mila’s wrists away from her tenderized tits. Perry hoped to try the same move that Mila had used on her, showing that she was able to adapt and strategize. Katy flung her legs upward, and, thanks to her years of dance training, used her flexibility to catch Kunis under her arms and fling her off from her seated position.

The move stunned Mila, who lost her dominant spot atop Katy. What’s worse is that since she didn’t see the move coming, she was unable to protect her head. The impact jerked her neck forward, creating a slingshot effect. Her skull bounced twice off the mat, nearly knocking her unconscious.

Perry massaged her aching breasts, which were now marked with faint red welts from Mila’s assault. Katy knew that she needed to subdue the wildcat to prevent a debut loss, so it was time to put Kunis away for good.

Mila saw the long shadow of Katy Perry cast over her, so she knew she needed to do something. Unfortunately, her head was swimming and she couldn’t seem to focus, seeing everything in double-vision. As soon as she saw Katy, she swung her leg, aiming for another low blow. Sadly, she was swinging at the double, and missed wildly.

Katy caught Mila’s foot during the errant kick. She then bent down and grabbed Kunis’s other ankle, suspending them both in midair, leaving Mila helpless. Kunis was now painfully aware of her situation, as she once again found herself at the mercy of Katy Perry.

“What were you trying to do?” she asked, again returning to the playful tone from the beginning of the match, making it appear as if this was her plan all along. “I mean, you saw me coming and you raised your foot. Let me guess. You were trying to kick me in my pussy again, weren’t you?” Katy shook her head and emitted a “tsk” noise. “That wasn’t very nice, especially after I was so friendly to yours. I think you need to learn a lesson about sharing.”

“No, please…I’m sorry…” Mila begged as she waived her hands, hoping to stop the inevitable.

“Too late,” Perry sneered as she stomped down onto Kunis’s unprotected womanhood. Mila’s mouth flew open but no words came out; just a low groan could be faintly heard. Her body tried to roll onto its side so that she could curl up in a ball, but Katy held onto her ankles. “You’re not getting off that easy…at least not yet.” Katy stomped down again, delivering a second blow to Mila’s pussy. “I think one more for good luck.” She looked at the cheering crowd for approval. “You wanna see me do it one more time?” she asked with a look of pure delight. Then, she pulled back her leg and delivered a vicious punt between Kunis’s legs.

This was too much for Mila, who began to blubber uncontrollably. The three shots to her most sensitive region had pushed her past the limit of being tough, and she was now reduced to a bawling girl. She was officially at Katy Perry’s mercy, as any semblance of fight left in her was now gone.

Katy climbed on top of Mila, pinning her down in a grapevine pin. Perry’s arms held down Mila’s arms, while her legs pinned down Mila’s legs. The smaller Kunis was now completely immobilized as she was being slowly crushed by the heavier Perry.

Every part of Mila’s body was now covered by Katy. She couldn’t escape the hold even if she wanted to, but after three unprotected crotch shots, she didn’t have much fight left anyway. For the second time in the match, she had accepted defeat and helplessly welcomed her fate.

Katy and Mila were now face to face, their noses mere inches from one another. Perry’s larger chest had easily engulfed Mila’s, flattening Kunis’s modest breasts into her ribcage. Relishing the moment, Katy gazed into Mila’s doe-like eyes and saw the look of complete surrender mixed with utter hatred. “Looks like I beat you fair and square like I was supposed to,” Katy taunted as she whispered into Mila’s ear. “So I guess this means I’m allowed to have a little fun with my jobber, huh?”

The phrase terrified Kunis, who was utterly defenseless and at the pop star’s mercy. Katy stared at Mila for a moment, drinking in her breathtaking features before leaning forward towards her plush, full lips. She gently pressed her ruby lips against Kunis’s, giving her a very gentle and sensual kiss.

“If these clueless morons could hear me, this is where I’d pander and mention my song. But since only you can hear me, loser, all I want you to think about is how in about three seconds I’m going to smother you out and end your pathetic career.” The very serious tone in her voice was unnerving, as her cutesy demeanor seemed to vanish. Underneath that cotton candy and bubblegum act was a heartless competitor, and Mila was about to become her first victim.

Katy slid forward while still maintaining her pin, allowing her breasts to dangle mere inches from Mila’s face. She slowly swayed back and forth, allowing her nipples to brush across Kunis’s nose, taunting her. Then, like a hunter cornering its prey, Perry lowered her body, pressing her tits into Mila’s face.

Her breast smother technique was perfect. The size of her breasts easily engulfed the smaller girl’s head, and once Katy’s weight was fully down, it created an air-tight seal. Mila was helpless as her face was now firmly wedged between the two mountains, with no escape in sight.

Katy felt Mila’s body begin to tremble as she tried to break free. Small, faint squeaks were being emitted from Kunis as her eyes were wide as saucers. Slowly, her moves were growing faint, as she was succumbing to the breast smother.

Not content to let Mila off that easily, Katy lifted her chest, allowing air back into Kunis’s lungs. “Now that I’ve shown you what I can do, maybe it’s time you start thanking me for not smothering you out.”

The dazed Kunis just kept nodding in agreement, unaware of what she was actually complying with. All she knew was that she didn’t want anything to do with Katy Perry’s breasts again.

“I want you to take those cute lips and I want you to kiss my tits,” she said with a coy smirk. “I want you and your tiny little boobies to know what a real woman’s breasts should feel like. I want to make you the envy of everyone in this arena who would do anything to press themselves up against them.”

Mila, physically and mentally defeated, abandoned all sense of pride, leaned forward and began to kiss Katy’s breasts. Perry loved the sensation of Kunis’s lips pressed against her bounty and she began slowly pressing her crotch against Mila’s. Kunis noticed the contact, disgusted at the thought of Katy getting off at her expense.

“Mmm…that feels so nice. You know what I’ve been dying to try? That thing where a girl sits on another girl’s face. I heard you get, like, the best orgasms from them. Wanna try?” Katy mockingly asked. Before Mila could even respond in protest, Katy was perched on her chest, sitting right in front of her chin.

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