Kaley Cuoco nude 

Kaley Cuoco nude Meets The Fanboys

Kaley Cuoco Meets The Fanboys

This is a work of complete fiction.  It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you.  No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. Please feel free to repost this in any non-pay site but it would be nice if you could let me know where.  All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.

By Muhabba

“Kaley!  It’s so nice to see my favorite Celeb Greeter!” Mel said as he held his arms out to hug Kaley.

Kaley Cuoco, sexy star of The Big Bang Theory, held her arms out towards her favorite promoter.  “Mel!  I missed you,” she cooed out as they embraced.

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Mel tried to contain a groan of pleasure as he felt Kaley’s large chest pressed against his portly body.  His dick lurched and started to harden and he hoped that the beautiful starlet couldn’t feel it rubbing against her shapely thigh.  “And how have you been this past year?” he asked as he broke the hug and tried to nonchalantly adjust the pants of his ill fitting suit.  “I can guess your show id doing as well as always.”

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Kaley tried not to giggle as she felt Mel’s dick throbbing against her leg before they parted.  “Yep, we’re headed into double digit seasons,” she said enthusiastically.  Everybody knew what a old perv the Promotional Manager was, but he was so sweet and never hit on any of the celebs that he worked with so everybody just considered him harmless.  Well, maybe not harmless to the booth-babes.  He certainly seemed to have a silver tongue as far as the young actresses looking to make a break for themselves were concerned.  “Oh well, we’ve all paid our dues,” she thought, shrugging to herself and causing her tan cleavage to jiggle.  “And how are you, Mel?  Still trying to help find the next hot, young starlet?”

Mel chuckled, trying to ignore the jiggle of Kaley’s large, golden breasts.  “Oh, you know me.  Always offering a helpful hand,” he said, trying to ignore the beautiful girl’s firm, thick, athletic body.  She was dressed conservatively enough with sneakers, blue jeans, a white button-up blouse and just the barest hint of a bright purple bra barely visible through the material.  “In fact I’m auditioning a particularly talented girl for the role of Catwoman in the next Spider-Man movie,” he said, barely able to pull his eyes away from Kaley’s spectacular chest.

Kaley cocked her hips, showing off her body just a bit, a little treat to the overweight man.  “I thought Catwoman was a Batman thing?  Spider-Man had the Black Cat.”

“Really?  I wasn’t aware of that,” Mel answered with a wink.

“Oh, Mel,” Kaley giggled, her whole body shaking as she did so.

Mel couldn’t keep his eyes off of Kaley’s body as she laughed.  As her giggles began to subside he finally manged to tear his eyes away.  “So, you ready to meet your fans?” he asked with a clap of his hands.

“Same as last year?” Kaley asked.

Mel placed his arm around Kaley’s broad shoulders and began walking her to the specially set up conference room.  “You’re the boss,” he said with a smile, enjoying the way the sexy celebrity’s body felt against his.

“Oh yea!” Kaley cheered as she clapped her hands.  “I love meeting my fans!”


An hour later Mel stood at a podium in the large conference room set aside at the Con.  On one side of the room was a large stage hidden behind a thick, red curtain and on the other side set the over two dozen Fanboys and girls filling up the room to capacity.  “Ladies and Gentlemen, Fanboys and girls, I’m proud to bring you the 8th annual ComicCon Quiz Show!” he said, his voice amplified over the crowd as they erupted into applause.  “And here’s your host again this year, Kaley Cuoco!” he continued as the curtain opened and the spotlight found Kaley in the middle of the stage.

Mel looked over the erupting crowd with pride.  The ComicCon Quiz Show was perhaps the greatest Meet and Greet idea he had ever had.  “Now remember,” he said, trying to talk over the roar of the crowd.  “This is not Jeopardy.  In Jeopardy the Daily Double are worth points while our Everyday Subtractions are not.  Furthermore Jeopardy asks answers and are answered with questions, The ComicCon Quiz Show asks Questions that are answered with answers.  I’m your announcer, Mel Blank, and here’s Kaley!”

Music very much like the Jeopardy theme song but legally different enough began playing as Kaley began swaying side to side.  She wasn’t the greatest dancer in the world, and she knew it, but for this performance she didn’t need to be, and she knew it.  Nobody ever came to the Quiz Show just to see her dance.  Her athletic shoes squeaked on the stage floor as she moved her hips around.  Her black, tear-away pants were loose fitting down her legs but stretched tight around her thick ass as she popped her tush out towards the audience and she grinned as the audiences’ hoots and catcalls got louder.  She turned around to face the audience and began popping her shoulders back, thrusting her chest out and causing her purple sports bra encased breasts to jiggle up and down beneath her zip-up black hoodie.  She stopped dancing as the music wound down, her blonde hair slightly curled and artfully framing her beautiful face.

Mel grunted as the wanna-be actress who had apparently hid inside his podium without him knowing swallowed his cock whole.  He had tried to explain the difference between Catwoman and the Black Cat to the young model earlier but it had done no good so he had promised to “audition” her after the show but as he had stood behind the podium waiting for the cue to announce the show and Kaley he had been surprised when he felt his zipper being pulled down and the tip of his cock enveloped in a warm wetness.  There had been enough light for him to see the young model wearing a black PVC catsuit swallowing his cock and sucking as hard as she could, momentarily startling him,  but as the cue was given to start the show and with no way to sneak the model off-stage he just shrugged his shoulders in acceptance and started.  With the end of Kaley’s dance she essentially took over the show so he really had nothing to do now but enjoy Catwoman’s oral attentions.

Kaley made her way behind her own podium as partial lights came on.  Unlike Mel’s large, wooden podium hers was just a single aluminum pole jutting up from the stage floor with a small table on top making sure very little of her body was blocked from the audiences’ view.  “Hi, I’m Kaley Cuoco,” she started as the audience began yelling and hooting at her.  “And welcome to ComicCon Quiz Show!”  The audience broke out in wild applause again as she waited for them to quiet down a little before continuing.  “Allow me to introduce our contestants.  First from Kansas City, Missouri is Kevin Conally.”  There was polite applause as Kevin waved.  “From Indianapolis Indiana is Bill Forrester.”  More polite applause as Kaley looked over the audience.  Nobody came to see the contestants she knew and they were usually met with jealous stares.  Everybody in the audience had come for a shot at her special prize but by now the only ones with a shot at her were these three contestants.  “Better luck next time,” she thought as she announced, “And our third contestant is Francis Miller of Moose Mouth, Maine.”

As the audience quieted down again the rest of the stage lights came up revealing the whole stage and the bank of flat screens behind Kaley came up.  Where as Jeopardy used a bank of televisions the ComicCon Quiz Show used the flat-screen LED screens which was legally different enough as the categories and point values flashed on.  “And lets get started,” Kaley announced as she waved her legally different enough yellow cue cards at the audience.  “Kevin, you won the coin toss so you get to go first, kay?” she announced as she laid her cards out on her podium.  Just because she worked on a show about geniuses didn’t mean that she knew any of the answers to the Quiz Show’s questions about Pop Culture or Science.  She didn’t know whose idea it was to have the star of a show about geek geniuses host a quiz show for geeks and geniuses but that guy had to be a genius themselves.

“Oh yesss…” Mel hissed as the young model tugged on his shaft and tongued his balls.

Kevin licked his lips as he stared at Kaley Cuoco’s sexy body and wondered what her special prize was this year.  “Oh, um… Nuclear Medicine,” he stammered, hoping the blood flooding to his cock and making him hard would find it’s way back to his brain.  “For, ah… for a hundred.”

The scores stayed pretty low at the start of the game but they usually did until after the first Everyday Subtraction.  Kevin got the first 2 answers right but Francis got the third question right and scored double Kevin’s points but Bill got the fourth question, only getting a hundred points but then scored the Everyday Subtraction on the fifth question, causing the audience to break out in cheers and cat-calls.

Kaley waited for the audience to calm down before starting again.  “O.k. Bill, you get the Everyday Subtraction so nobody else can chime in.  It’s all up to you,” she said, enjoying making the Fanboy sweat.  It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy these Meet & Greets at the Con but there wasn’t any reason to make it easy for them.  “In the category, ‘80’s Pop Television,’ what was the name of the show about a adorable robot girl?”

“I, uh… I, uh…” Bill stammered as he sweated.  He’d gone to the ComicCon Quiz Show every year for the last four years so he knew how important the Everyday Subtraction was.  “It was, um…”

“Fifteen seconds, Bill,” Kaley whispered, trying to build the tension.

“Little Wonder!” Bill blurted out, causing the audience to break out in cheers.

“That’s correct,” Kaley beamed.  “So, top or bottom?” she asked before stepping in front of her podium.

Bill licked his dry lips, wishing that they were allowed water during the show instead of just during the breaks. “Um, ah… bottoms,” he sputtered.

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