Irina Shayk naked 

Irina Shayk leaked and fucked by Cristiano ronaldo

Irina Shayk leaked and fucked by Cristiano ronaldo

She has a sculptural body, but what we like most about her is her pretty face. Especially his mouth, that mouth that surely has sucked his cock to Cristinano Ronaldo. Imagine Irina sucking Cristinano’s golden balls with those huge lips. The Russian when she kisses, she really kisses.

Irina Shayk sextape leaked and fucked cristiano ronaldo

All Russian girls I know are soulless, they are crazy, they are opportunist…and they fucking LOVE money…but all Russian girls I know…are also so fucking hot that you don’t care about their personality flaws…you don’t care that they are soulless or crazy or opportunist…you just fuck them as much as you can…because their look that good…knowing that they’ll move onto a richer guy, or a guy with more to offer than you…because you can offer very little…the second she’s done using you..

There’s no way that Irina Shayk would have got to this level of fame without the A-Listers that she fucked along the way…but let’s remember a lot of equally hot Russians are out there and not fucking A-Listers…who we will never know…and even some of the girls on Mail order bride sites…are legendary…and available at an affordable rate…meaning Irina Shayk is just average thanks to communism killing the uglies…but there’s something solid about this Irina hustle that’s clearly working for her…

Either way, thumb sucking pic for the win…

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