Incest Taboo. MIL Fills In

Incest Taboo. MIL Fills In

MIL Fills In


Her name was Debra, she was a top heavy brunette with a natural beauty about her. She stared into my eyes as she stroked me faster, her left arm behind my head, cradled against her body. She moved up slightly, allowing her left breast to hover an inch from my contorted face. Her pace quickened, as I focused my attention on her oversized, puffy nipple, surrounded by a large, pink areola. I latched onto it, softly at first, but as she whispered into my ear my suckling increased.

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“Yes, sweetie, that’s it…suck on my tits baby. That’s what mommy wants. Mmmmm, press your tongue into it…your cock is so hard, if she won’t take care of you, I will. I’m not going to let all your lust go to waste. From now on, when she’s gone, and you’re horny, I’m going to make you cum. No more locking yourself in this room and jerking off alone. I’ll do whatever you want. My daughter is too busy to take care or your every need. That’s what I’m here for. To milk this cock. Do you like how my hand feels? Do you like letting your Mother-in-Law play with your dick? I want you to cum, sucking my tits. Knowing that your wife’s mom is the one making you cum. In the bed where you make love to her. In the bed where you masturbate, thinking of me, and her, together with you in this bed. When you are both gone I too cum in here. Just this morning I came in here after my shower. I sat on this bed, rubbing lotion on my body. Over these tits you’ve longed for. Across my belly and into my legs. My hands gravitated towards my pussy opening my folds with one hand, rubbing my clit with the other. Hmmmmm, I thought about you, fucking her, forcing your cock deeper into her, thrusting into her soft warmth. I imagine how her tits move with the motion. How beautiful they must be under your power. How much bigger, softer, and more mature mine are. How my tits would look to you, swaying with the force of you pounding into me. Do you like that? Do You?”

I moaned. I loved this new lover, I loved that she was as willing as she was. I loved that she knew me so well, which meant she had probably discussed our sex life with my wife.

How did she know that her daughter liked to pretend she didn’t want it? That she’d cum harder the more forceful I was…I writhed in pleasure, taking her tit in my mouth and clenching the duvet in ecstasy.

I ran my right hand down her back, pulling her even closer. She wrapped her right leg around mine, pinning me down. While she shifted, I pulled up the back of her robe, finding her soft, fleshy ass, without panties, my long middle finger sliding down the top of her ass crack. Even though I was still some distance away, I could feel her heat and moisture growing. She slid up my body even more, allowing me to get my hand fully under her ass, her cheeks split open, my finger now gently, sporadically touching her asshole. She had the head of my cock between her forefinger and thumb, it was slick with my precum.

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