How would the wedding of Kate Upton?
Everyone knows that Kate Upton has rejected the proposal of Justin. We also know the reasons.

How would the wedding of Kate Upton?
How would the wedding of Kate Upton?

According to a report from OK! Magazine, the 32-year-old Detroit Tigers pitcher has lost count on his failed proposals for 22-year-old hot Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton.

The busty supermodel and “Sexiest Woman Alive” Kate Upton has been reportedly rejecting marriage proposals of her boyfriend Justin Verlander. The two are suspected to break up soon due to the model’s defiance to tie the knot with the athlete.

Reports revealed that the supermodel is not keen on marriage as her career in modelling and acting are still skyrocketing.

“She’s young, and he understands that her movie career is taking off, but her resistance is starting to test his patience,” the source ditched. “You can’t blame him for getting paranoid when he’s stuck on the road and Kate is off filming.

Due to this, Justin Verlander has been frustrated with Kate Upton’s constant decline to marry hum and the baseball star is thinking to call their relationship off, Classicalite said.

The insider added, “If Kate keeps dodging the question, they may not be together come fall…It won’t be a surprise if they call it quits.”

Hot American supermodel Kate Upton and Justin Verlander have been in a relationship for one year.

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