Hottie Charlotte McKiney sex tape interracial

Hottie Charlotte McKiney sex tape interracial

Charlotte McKiney sex tape interracial

The world’s most unnecessary sequel to the world’s most unnecessary movie, JOE DIRT 2: BEAUTIFUL LOSER is finally seeing the light of day. Generally speaking, there’d be no good reason to bring it up, but the Crackle-sponsored flick just so happens to feauture Charlotte McCkinney as a sexy lumberjack. Not since the golden era of Monty Python have the words “sexy” and “lumberjack” been allowed in same conversation, let alone the same sentence, but that’s neither here nor there. Today the important thing for us to ponder is this: where does Charlotte stand on a grand scale of hotties? While I know she’s a relatively new student, I would also bet some of you have been waiting for us to finally get around to throwing Charlotte in the chair of judgement. So without further adieu, let’s put on our ogling caps and study this student’s body…

We bring fresh new blood into the classroom every week, but Charlotte’s is one of the few (if any) that can truly be described as “fresh” and “new”. Not that most of us needed any convincing otherwise, but Char’s noggin plays a much bigger role in her overall hotness than even she probably realizes. This early in her streak of fame, there’s no helping the constant mashing-up of other hotties that might make Charlotte (I personally get a mixture of Kate Upton and Lauren Graham). Taunting eyes, luscious lips and seemingly well-practiced, Disney-like expressions. While I’ve heard some haters claim she looks too “boyish”, others may translate that word into “tomboy hellcat vixen”, but perhaps that’s just me.

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