Lip biting sexual fantasy with Gina Carano

Lip biting sexual fantasy xxx  with Gina Carano

Lip biting sexual fantasy with Gina Carano
Lip biting sexual fantasy with Gina Carano

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Christina Hendricks, Rosario Dawson, Katee Sackhoff, Eliza Dushku, Kristanna Loken, Gina Carano

Codes: FF+, oral, anal, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: Picture this in the style of a Star Trek porn parody.

We fade in on the bridge of the Booby Prize, where Christina stands looking at the viewscreen, which has a planet on it. As she’s staring, the turbolift arrives, and out steps Sarah, Maggie, Katee, and Eliza.

“Ladies,” Christina says, without turning to them, “good of you to come.”

“So, have we finally found something?” Maggie asks.

“As a matter of fact, Commander, yes. Your scans have bore fruit.”

“Yeah, that would happen when I’m off the bridge,” Maggie says under her breath.

“So, what have we found?” Sarah asks.

“What we’ve been looking for this entire voyage, Boobs. Males.”

“You mean the rumors were true? They weren’t all wiped out in our war with the Lesbulans?”

“Not according to this scan. If this is correct, we will find quite possibly the last men in the galaxy on that very planet.” She points at the viewscreen as she says this last part.

“Alright,” Katee says, “so we go down and we find them.”

“You want me to bring a security detail with us?” Eliza asks.

“Uh, no, Liz,” Christina says, “that…always ends badly. Besides, there’s only so much room on the transporter pad. C’mon…” She walks toward the rear of the bridge.

It then cuts to the usual Trek-style planet, where the five beam down.

“Okay,” Christina says, “those men are on this planet somewhere.”

In the back, Maggie looks at her tricorder. “Captain, I’m detecting three life forms in the direct vicinity.

“Yeah,” Sarah says, as her and the other three look in the same direction. “we know.”

Maggie looks up, and sees Rosario, Kristanna, and Gina, all dressed in sixties-era Klingon costumes.

“Klitons…” Eliza says, narrowing her eyes.

“So, Captain Hendricks,” Rosario says, standing in the middle, “finally we meet. I have awaited this day for a long time.”

“Boobs,” Christina says, “Maggie, you go look for the men, we’ll keep these three occupied.” Sarah and Maggie run offscreen.

“As soon as I am finished with you, Hendricks, my women will catch up with your friends and deal with them.”

“Oh, believe me, Kliton, you and your women are the ones who will be finished.”

Christina and Rosario approach each other, and get into a fighting stance, as the fight theme from ‘Amok Time’ starts playing. At the same time, Eliza and Gina square off, along with Katee and Kristanna. The six trade over-the-top fight moves, until Rosario tears open Christina’s dress, and the music ends abruptly. The others look at Christina, who looks down at her exposed tits, then back up, and says, “Hey!” The fight then turns to everyone tearing at each other’s clothes, until they’re all naked.

We then see Christina and Rosario rubbing their titties together, Eliza squeezing Gina’s, while sucking her nipples, and Katee burying her face between Kristanna’s.

Next, we see Rosario on the ground with her legs spread, while in our first close-up, Christina’s tongue explores her brown and pink cunt, and she fingers Rosario’s ass. “Nga’chuq…” Rosario groans.

Katee, meanwhile, in another close-up, eats a bent over Kristanna’s asshole, while she finger-blasts her pussy, causing her hips to buck and jerk. Over in the other direction, Gina’s on her back, while, in yet another close-up, Eliza fingers her ass with one hand, and her pussy with the other. “Yeah…” Eliza says angrily, banging both holes, “You like that, Kliton?” Gina groans her approval.

Back with the first pair, Rosario starts to buck her hips, then she arches her back, as she cries out hoarsely. Kristanna’s writhing on the ground, moaning and whimpering, as Katee now fucks her ass with her wrench. Gina, meanwhile, is on her hands and knees, while Eliza alternates on her ass with her tongue and fingers, and continues finger-fucking her pussy. Finally, her arms buckle, and she cries out shrilly, as she cums.

Moments later, Christina, Katee, and Eliza stand among their unconscious opponents. “Like I said,” Christina quips, “you’re the ones who’ve been finished.”

“Shouldn’t we find Maggie and the Doc?” Eliza asks.

“Absolutely. But first, fresh uniforms.” Christina picks up her communicator and flips it open. “Booby Prize, three to beam up!” The three dematerialize, as the scene fades out.

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