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Cooking Made Sexy!

Cooking Made Sexy!

My father died in cancer when I was just 10 years old. I was living with my Uncle and aunt in our house. They did not have any children and they used to love me a lot. Our house was at suburbs near Kolkata.

After my fathers death my mom took a job in Kolkata. She was working for an export import company. For that she used to stay in a ladies hostel near her work place and in weekends she used to come back home.
If I remember correctly, I was 21-22 at that time, just finished college, doing some courses and looking for a job. I was on the internet most of the time searching for jobs and watching porn. At that time, porn was new to me. I also watched stuff related to wrestling online.

Anyway, one fine morning I woke up at around 8. It was a Saturday. Both my uncle and aunt work and they don’t have Saturdays off like my mom. My uncle was busy packing lunch and my aunt was nowhere to be seen. I just woke up and had to pee. I walked straight to the bathroom.


The bathroom had a door, but not a latch. So, the person using the bathroom would close the door of the room inside which the bathroom is – I usually do. Even otherwise, when someone is in the bathroom you can hear them.

I walked into the room that had the bathroom, no sounds from the bathroom. I assumed my mom was in the kitchen. Actually, I didn’t care. The only thing in my mind was that I had to pee urgently. I went straight and pushed the door of the bathroom open.

To my shock, I saw my mom soaping her body. That explains why there was no sound. Had she been bathing, I’d have heard the sound of water falling. That was the first time I was seeing mom naked – fully naked. I quickly closed the door and stood outside shouting at my mom. Why didn’t you lock the big room’s door? Why didn’t you make some noise? I then went out to the toilet outside and peed.

It was only for a few seconds that I saw mom naked. But that was enough. I saw her legs – thighs to be exact -, the sides of her stomach, and her buttocks. Her skin was fairer than I thought. I realized that her thighs were heavy and so were her buttocks. I couldn’t see her pussy or her breasts. It was just a couple of seconds.
My uncle was working at a government office and my aunty was a teacher. Just to give you an introduction. Anyway, after the incident I was having some very horny thoughts. I did not regret my thoughts. I was always horny. This time, I was horny thinking about mom.

I had, before this incident, read stories about mom-son incest. But I have never been turned out by it. But now, I was. I started imagining me and mom doing things characters in the stories I read were doing.

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