Busty Christina Hendriks vs Busty Sofia VergaraChristina hendricks XXX Fakes Fakes Sofia Vergara Busty tetazas 

Busty Christina Hendriks vs Busty Sofia Vergara

Busty Christina Hendriks vs Busty Sofia Vergara

christina hendriks vs sofia vergara chubby huge boobs married
Busty Christina Hendriks vs Busty Sofia Vergara
sofia vergara chubby huge boobs married
Busty Christina Hendriks vs Busty Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is the salt and pepper of the series Modern Family. The comic accent and the generous shapes make the actress one of the sexiest women in the world.

In an interview with Esquire magazine Vergara said that in Colombia a beautiful and sexy woman is not skinny, but rather voluptuous.

The Colombian actress confessed that she’s not so attracted by going to the gym and would rather dance to keep fit.

On the other hand, the star also said that she suffered a lot during her youth because of her figure. She recounted that when she was a teenager and went to school she was teased by her peers for being too skinny and sometimes, when she was furious, she felt like “cutting” her breasts so she wouldn’t look so disproportionate.

“I was ridiculously skinny. They called me palillo, which means toothpick in Spanish,” the “Modern Family” star said in an interview with Shape magazine.

“I was still skinny,” she said, “but suddenly I had these big boobs.”

“It was terrible! I used to tell my mother: ‘I’m going to cut these off as soon as I turn 18′,” the actress added.

In terms of physical traits she likes most about herself, Sofia says that she finds her eyes special and tries to get the best out of that when she uses makeup.

“I’m sure men would tell you it’s my boobs, but I like my eyes,” she told Shape. “They have a natural cat’s-eye shape, so I try to play that up.”

The actress admits though that she had a lot to gain thanks to her look, but that isn’t the only thing that helped her become successful.

“Part of my career has always been because of the way I look,” she told InStyle magazine.

“I’m not ashamed. It has opened doors. But I also know that if I didn’t have something else, I’d be long gone,” Vergara added.

The actress also revealed that her former manager recommended a breast reduction.

“When I moved to America, I was more voluptuous, and I felt a little different,” the actress told the December issue of Health magazine.

“My publicist [at the time] told me, ‘I think you should just reduce your boobs because nobody’s going to take you seriously here’.”

However, Sofia doesn’t regret a single moment that she refused such a surgery because it’s part of how she gained her fame.

Christina Hendricks

Tight dresses, mermaid shape, deep cleavage and flawless makeup perfectly complement the red hair and porcelain skin.

Voluptuous Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks shows the world what sexy women with shapes look like.

Asked how she would define a “sexy woman”, the redhead said that sensuality comes from individuality and confidence, adding that she is often pleasantly surprised by the attitude of sexy women in New York, London and Paris:

“Sexiness is about confidence and individuality. I can’t keep my eyes off the women you see in cities like London, New York and Paris – the way they carry themselves and put themselves together are always so unique. Sexiness is about being an individual and having conviction about what that is,” the actress told Cosmopolitan UK.

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