Charlotte McKinney Naughty

Charlotte McKinney Naughty

Every dude is (rightfully) in love with Charlotte McKinney. So all should rejoice now that the Heaven-sent superbabe is going out for Sports Illustrated’s 2016 Swimsuit Issue. SI just released her casting call video, where she plays a revealing game of word association…

Swimsuit = “tiny bikini” / Romance = “sexy” / Lingerie = “black” / Nude beach = “I’ve been to one” / Tequila = “dangerous” / Men who take selfies = “disgusting”

For her questionnaire, when asked what she was best known for, McKinney wrote, “Well…kinda obvious!” and then drew a picture of boobs. Bless her for being perfect, for the millionth time.

If you’ve only just discovered the internet, here are 10 reasons why Charlotte McKinney should be in SI’s swimsuit issue (or all magazines, really).




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Featured image disclaimer: “NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 05: Model Charlotte McKinney attends John Frieda Hair Care Beach Blonde Collection Party at the Garage on February 5, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Stewart/WireImage)”

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