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Sex Stories with Kelly Boob “Hey Kash!” Zack greeted me, opening the door to his apartment. “I got the beers.” I said handing him a six pack. “Thanks man.” He said taking the six pack from me. “What the hell is this?” I said noticing that he had a telescope in his living room. “There’s suppose to be a meteor shower and…” “You fucking geek!” I cut him off laughing. He was always a bit of a geek back in high school, which made it quite difficult to stay his…

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I mean no disrespect with the story included. I have always had a strange infatuation with Dolly Parton. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I did writing it. * It was the once in a lifetime kind of jobs. A man named Jerry contacted me about being a musicians on the next Dolly Parton album, and how could I say no. As the plane touched down outside of Nashville I found myself getting giddy as I came into the terminal. A short man in a black…

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La polla express

¿Puedo fumar? Pregunté con ese gesto tan característico de quien se queda momentaneamente inmóvil esperando una respuesta afirmativa. Sí, pero abre las ventanas dijo él. Vas muy elegante y te vas a manchar ¿no te quitas la americana? No contestó y siguió moviéndose por la cocina con suma agilidad, cortaba cebollas, zanahorias, y sacó un par de ajos. ¿Qué es? Cocidito madrileño e hizo el gesto de marcarse un chotis en medio de la cocina. Finalmente arranqué, bueno ¿te ha gustado el relato o no?. Él cocinillas seguia sin mirarme,…

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