Kate Upton leaked in interracial sex with Shane Diesel

I grew up in Las Vegas and moved to California to become a bodybuilder, which I did for eight years along with personal training. I also got a day job at an airline company, and I still have it. They know what my other career is. They have no problem with it. I switch gears all the time. I work at the airline with a bunch of blue-collar guys and then walk on set and turn into Shane Diesel, and be the personality they think I am, and then shrug that off again once I leave set. It’s a double life.

The first time I had an opportunity to [do porn], I was 27, but I didn’t want to do it at that time. My parents were still alive, and it didn’t seem right. Then when I was 39, I went to a party and there was this couple there. We started talking, and they told me they were looking for someone to do some web work. “Gonzo” adult stuff [approaching and having sex with porn stars who were planted on the street to seem like civilian women] around 2003. They had a friend they introduced me to who gave me a call and introduced me to a lot of people running adult sites in L.A. Everyone was still on DVD at that time, and I was one of the earliest Internet adult people, so I was fortunate to have my name out there so early when the Internet obviously took over.

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