Ashley Graham shows off her cellulite
Plus sized model

Ladies, you have more in common with Ashley Graham that you ever imagined. Wondering what possibly makes you like the model? Cellulite.

At least 85 percent of women over 20 have it and Graham’s willingness to flaunt it, plus her message of loving it, might be the best treatment.

There’s nothing wrong with your cellulite.

ashley graham curvy cellulite nude

And, she’s right. There’s no research connecting the dimpling found on the thighs, butts, bellies, arms and breasts to any condition or disease, said Dr. Adam Friedman, associate professor of dermatology at George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

“I think the emphasis is on treatment rather than the underlying pathophysiology,” he said.

Blame genetics and aging for your cellulite.

ashley graham cellulite

While experts remain unsure why cellulite develops, they do understand what is happening. Cellulite occurs more frequently in women — though men certainly get it — and happens as part of the natural aging process.

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As people grow older, the structures in the epidermis, the middle layer of skin, start breaking down and bands of fibrous tissue are tethered down and push fat up, which makes the skin appear pitted. Cellulite seems genetic; if your mom has it, you’ll probably have it, too.

ashley graham cellulite nude

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