Ashley Graham sexual fantasy in Glory Hole

Ashley Graham sexual fantasy in Glory Hole

Ashley Graham sexual fantasy in Glory Hole.

Glory Hole Adventure

I sat in a chair in the corner of a small room with my cock in my hand stroking it. I was watching my wife of twenty-two years sucking on a hard cock sticking through a hole in the wall.

Cathy and I have always had a good sex life but after so many years of marriage, you have to find ways to spice things up.

Cathy has always loved sucking my cock and on many occasions as if she was simply bored she would come to me out of nowhere, drop to her knees and suck my cock.

“I love the taste of cum.” She has told me on many occasions.

I was never one to complain because I also love having my cock sucked. Cathy loved swallowing my cum. She also loved letting me cum on her tits and body just to scoop it up on her fingers and lick it off.

Tonight was Cathy’s birthday and I wanted her to have a special one. Cathy was hitting the big “five 0” and was feeling kind of down about it. I had been trying to think of ways for her to have a great experience and one that she would enjoy.

I had heard of this place and visited it once to see what it was all about. I have to admit while I was here I placed my cock through one of the holes and let some woman on the other side of the wall suck me off. It was a rush!

As I sat there watching I began wondering if there was some husband on the other side as I was today watching as his wife sucked my cock protruding through the hole.

The guys had to pay fifty dollars to get in and insert their cock in the glory hole. I found out that the women doing the sucking had to pay nothing to get in. Their services rendered was their admission.

Cathy was really into it now as she was on her third cock. She had some cum running down her chest from the previous cocks.


The evening began with me telling Cathy I was going to take her out to dinner for her birthday. She was dressed and ready when I got home from work. She was dressed very conservatively and I asked her to change into something a little sexier.

For years, Cathy and I had enjoyed using her sexy body to enhance our sexual excitement by showing her off in public. Although Cathy was now fifty she was still a knockout and stilled turned heads of even much younger guys. She had her tits lifted and enhanced several years back. They were firm and full with hard nipples ninety percent of the time.

She smiled at me and said, “Are you feeling a little naughty tonight?”

I smiled back and said, “Yes I am and be sure to put these on.”

I handed her a wrapped present and she quickly grabbed it.

I said, “Don’t open it here just go into the bedroom and open it and put them on.”

She turned and went toward our bedroom.

She was gone about twenty minutes when she returned.

She had a sheepish look on her face and said, “You are feeling frisky tonight aren’t you?”

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the remote then turned it on.

Cathy jerked and her knees buckled, “Oh Shit!” she exclaimed

I had bought her a pair of panties that had a small bullet attached to them that slipped inside her pussy. I had control of the remote.

I turned it off.

She stood back upright and said, “Wow!”

I said, “I want you very horny tonight. By the way you look fantastic.”

She had gone in and put on a very sexy blouse that was low cut and accentuated her cleavage. Her skirt was a short skirt that hit about mid thigh. Her shoes were what I think are very sexy high-heeled backless sandals.

I stopped stroking my cock long enough to hit the remote on her panties as the third cock of the night shot his load into her waiting mouth. As the vibrations shook her pussy, again she moaned on the cock. She sucked it clean.

I turned off the panties as she let go of the cock. The cock slipped from the hole and was quickly replaced by another one. This cock was large and black. She reached out for it and even with it not fully erect she could not get her hand completely around it. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked the head into her mouth. Her red lips were wrapped tightly around it as she stroked it’s length with her hand. I once again began stroking my cock as I watched her sucking on her fourth cock of the night.


She stepped toward me to give me a kiss and I hit the remote again. She stopped and leaned against the back of the couch as the vibrating bullet inside her made her moan.

I turned it back off.

“Damn, I’m already horny are you sure you want to go out?” she asked.

“I’m sure. By the time tonight is over you will get your fill of cock.” I smiled at her.

I continued, “Let’s go we have six thirty reservations.”

As we were driving to the restaurant, I hit the button several more times. Once I let it run for nearly a minute as she leaned back into the seat moaning. My cock was hard as a rock from listening to her moan in pleasure.

I turned it off and she immediately reached for my cock. I quickly took her hand off it and said, “Tonight is all about your pleasure.”

The big black cock was now rock hard and Cathy had both hands wrapped around it stroking it. Her mouth could barely even contain the head of it. Her head was bobbing back and forth on it when we heard a moan from the other side of the wall. Then cum was gushing from her mouth and running down her tits and dripping onto the floor. I had never seen a cock ejaculate so much cum in my life. Cathy was also shocked from the look in her eyes.

I watched the cum dripping from her hard nipples.


We entered the restaurant and found a nice cozy booth in the corner. I slid in next to her as our waitress came to get our drink order. Cathy ordered a margarita and I ordered a seven and seven.

She leaned to me and kissed me on the cheek then licked my earlobe saying in a low sultry whisper, “I love my birthday present.”

I reached for the remote and turned it up a notch and turned it on.

“oooohhh fuck.” She moaned as she leaned into me.

I reached for the hem of her skirt that had ridden up and put my hand on her pussy. I could feel the vibrations on my fingertips. She squirmed on the seat next to me and again reached for my hard cock. I again removed her hand and said, “No No.”

The waitress was coming back and I turned off her panties.


Cathy turned to me and looked at her chest as the cum covered her body.

Another cock appeared in the hole. I motioned my head toward it and she turned to wrap her hand around it. This one was more normal in size and she swallowed it down her throat. The small room was filled with the sound of her mouth sucking hard on the stiffening cock. This was her fifth cock of the night and she was showing no signs of tiring.


We placed our dinner order and drank our drinks. We ordered another round and was half way through it when she said, “I need to go to the ladies room.”

We kissed and she slid around and out the other side of the booth. As she was walking toward the ladies room, I hit the remote before she got out of range. I nearly choked with laughter as she nearly stumbled when the first pulse hit her. She turned to look at me with this “you devil look.”

She then apparently got out of range and began walking straight again.


Cathy’s fifth cock was a quick cummer and shot his load and she swallowed every last drop of his cum. She let loose of the cock and it disappeared from the hole. Another cock appeared; she stood up and unzipped her skirt. She let it slide down her hips and onto the floor by her blouse. All she had on now was her birthday present which I made use of by hitting the button. Her body jerked as I had turned it up another notch. I could clearly hear it now humming inside her. She placed her hand on her panty-clad pussy and the other hand she wrapped around the new cock in the hole. She was rubbing the outside of her panties and stroking the cock in the hole. I turned her panties off and she voraciously attacked the cock with her mouth. Whoever was on the other side of the wall was getting the blowjob of his life.


She came back from the ladies room and slid in next to me again.

“You didn’t take your panties off did you?” I asked.

“Are you crazy I told you I love them.” She responded.

I had to make sure and hit the button again.

“OH fuck!” she nearly yelled out then caught herself.

I smiled and turned them off.

“You are the devil himself giving me just little tastes at a time.” She said to me.

“I told you I want you hornier than you have ever been tonight.” I said.

“I don’t know what else you have planned for tonight but you have already succeeded in that.” She smiled.

Our dinner showed up and we got another drink.


She was pumping and sucking the cock protruding through the hole. She was taking it fully into her mouth and down her throat. She was attacking the cock so hard that when she pulled off it there was an audible popping sound.

From the other side of the wall, “OHHHH FUCK!”

Cathy pulled off the cock just as it exploded it’s cum. The first shot caught Cathy right on the nose. The second hit her square on the lips and she responded by sticking her tongue out and licking the cum from her lips. The third and subsequent shots hit her beautiful naked tits.


After we had finished dinner, we had another drink. Cathy was all over me at this point and trying to get her hands on my cock.

She whispered in my ear, “Let’s get out of here I’m so horny I’m going to fuck you right here.”

I knew I had her where I wanted her. Just to drive the point home I flipped the switch on her panties.

Her whole body jerked when the vibrations echoed inside her wet pussy.

“OOOOHHH MY GAWD!” she nearly screamed.

Several people in the restaurant looked over at us as Cathy realizing she had said that so loudly tried to be nonchalant as her pussy was on fire.

I flipped the switch again and turned them off. She relaxed back into her seat.

“Let’s go.” I said.

She quickly climbed out of the booth and took my hand. We paid on our way out and headed for the car.


Cathy was covered in a mixture of cum. She had it running down her chin, neck, tits and legs.

Another cock appeared through the hole. This one put his dick and balls through the hole. Cathy reached out and wrapped her hand around it then sucked one of the balls into her mouth. The cock quickly responded, lengthened, and hardened.

She began stroking it as she licked and sucked on his balls. I was stroking my cock more slowly now for fear that I would cum before I got my opportunity to sink fully into her tight, wet pussy.

The front of her panties was drenched. I reached for the switch and once again turned it up another notch. As soon as I hit the on button, Cathy slumped, still holding onto the cock.


When we got to the car, Cathy grabbed my stiff cock and began rubbing it through my slacks. As bad as I wanted to fuck her right there I still had a surprise for her. She reached for my zipper and I took her hand away.

“I still have another present for you.” I told her.

“My gawd honey what else could there be, I just want your big cock for the rest of my birthday present.” She sexily growled.

I started the car and said, “I will show you in just a few minutes. We are not far away.


Cathy’s whole body began to shiver and tremble. I knew she was going to orgasm. I turned it off quickly. I was not ready for her to release her pent up desire.

“You bastard.” She said looking at me.

I simply smiled back at her and again nodded at the hard cock she held in her hand.

She turned and again opened her mouth and sucked it between her lips. I had lost count of how many cocks she had sucked so far tonight.


I turned into the parking lot of this small dimly lit building that had one simple sign on it “The Hole in the Wall.”

She looked quizzically at me, “What is this a bar?”

I said, “Not exactly.”

We got out of the car and I knew from being there we had to go in the door that said, “Recipients” above it.

When I opened the door it led into a dimly lit hallway. The hallway had several doors in it. Above the doors were signs with some of them lit that said “Occupied.”

I found one that the light was off and opened the door. We went into the small room. I turned and locked the door. Knowing that this is what caused the light to go on over the door. I also knew it caused a light to go on over a hole in a hallway on the other side of the wall.


Cathy slurped and sucked the cock until again we heard the groan from the other side. She pushed her mouth onto the cock as it exploded into her mouth. She squinted as the cum ran down her throat. Not a drop escaped.

She pulled off the cock as it pulled back through the hole.


“Where in the hell are we?” Cathy asked.

“This is the other half of your birthday present.” I whispered

“Why are you whispering?” she whispered back

When at that moment a cock came through the hole in the wall.

She got a shocked look on her face as she looked at the cock and then looked at me.

“You want me to suck it?” she whispered.

I whispered back, “If you want to.”

She walked over to the cock and wrapped her hand around it and the guy on the other side moaned. Cathy smiled at me and nearly began laughing.

She gave it a few quick strokes and again a moan. Again Cathy had to stifle her laugh.


Cathy opened her mouth and worked her jaw rubbing the sides of her mouth.

She whispered again, “My jaw can’t take many more.”

Just then a huge hunk of cock appeared through the hole. The part coming through the hole must have been nine or ten inches long.

“One more then we’ll go.” I whispered.


After Cathy had stifled her laugh I decided to push her to sucking the cock. I reached into my pocket and turned on her vibrator. Her head went back and she firmly wrapped her hand around the cock and began stroking it. I walked up to her and unbuttoned her blouse then reached to her tits and let my fingertips massage her hard nipples. I walked around behind her to wrap my arms around and fully grabbed both of her tits and massaged them while kissing her neck.

She began to moan so I backed off and she went to her knees. I sat in the chair next to her as I watched for the first time her mouth open to suck another man’s cock.

I turned off the panties and let her go to work. I sat there amazed at how adept she was at sucking a cock. As I had said she has always enjoyed sucking mine. I knew what the mystery man on the other side of the wall was feeling.


Cathy reached for the huge cock. Her small hand could not fully embrace it’s girth. She began letting her hand slide up and down it’s length then opened wide. Her lips were tightly stretched around just the head of it.

She then reached over to me with her free hand and began stroking my cock as well.

She was slowly getting more of the monster into her mouth. I watched intently knowing this was going to be the last one. Her saliva was coating the big dick and was running down her chin. She pulled off it for a moment to get her breath. When she did a small silvery string of precum stretched from the head of the cock to her lips. She licked her lips and went back at the cock. She was slowly stroking me and was now briskly stroking the cock in the hole.

“Fuck Yes” was heard from the other side.

Cathy jerked as the cock erupted into her mouth. There was so much cum that it looked like a milkshake was spewing from the end of the cock. Cathy backed off as the cum splashed against her face. It was flowing down her tits onto her stomach and then landing on the floor.

When it quit erupting Cathy let go of it. She grabbed her blouse and skirt and headed for the door.

“She said, “Come on before another one shows up.”

She did not bother putting on her clothes just stepped into the hallway with nothing but her panties on. I followed her and there was nobody in the hall. She hit the door and stepped outside. She was headed for the car when two guys came around the corner headed into the door marked “Providers”. They watched her as she jumped into the car.

I got in and had not even gotten the car started when she said, “Drive to the park.”

She was using her blouse to wipe off the cum on her body.

The park was only about a mile away. I pulled in and she pointed, “right there.”

I stopped the car and she jumped out still naked except for her panties. She went to the hood of the car, bent over it, and said, “FUCK ME! NOW!”

I pulled my hard cock out of my slacks. I pulled her panties off and the vibrating bullet slid from her pussy. She stepped out of them and I sunk my cock fully into her soaking wet pussy.

I immediately began pumping furiously into her. My groin was slapping against her ass on each inward thrust. In the silence of the park it sounded like a gun going off.

Cathy was feverishly fingering her clit while I fucked her.

“OOOOOOHHHHHH FUCK!” she screamed.

Her whole body shuddered and she fell against the hood of the car. My cock felt like the head of it shot off when I unloaded into her pussy. I literally nearly passed out from the intense orgasm.

Cathy was laying on the hood breathing heavily as I kept my cock buried inside her.

My cock slipped out of her soaked pussy. She stood up and said, “Now take me home and fuck me again.”

She walked around the car and got in.

After we got home and showered I took her to bed, licked, and sucked on her pussy as she had done to so many cocks tonight.

She shuddered into an orgasm that nearly took my head off between her thighs. I slid up her body and let my cock slide into her hot pussy again. We fucked to another orgasm.

She then curled up next to me and kissed me.

“Thank-You for the best birthday of my life.” She moaned in my ear.

I simply replied, “Your welcome.”

“Can we do it again soon or do we have to wait until next year?” she said smiling at me.

I grinned and said, “No we don’t have to wait until next year.”

She snuggled in and replied, “Good.”

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