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Ashley Graham a Gift from Hell

A Gift from Hell

My girlfriend left me about three months ago.

Her reasons: ‘I really like your best friend, Faye. I’ve realized I’m more into pussy than I am dick.

I just feel like I belong with a woman rather than a man.’

I was in complete disbelief.

My girlfriend of four years was leaving me for my best friend.

I think this was where I started to breakdown.

See, it wasn’t just that.

My mom and dad had died in a car crash in just last June, on a Sunday.

They were coming back from services at Saving Light Catholic Church (I stopped going to church when I hit eighteen) and they were hit by someone trying to make a quick getaway from the police.

It wasn’t that long who. It had yet to be a full year.

The news of my girlfriend was my breaking point.

I just sat in the room of my apartment and had a meltdown when my roommate was gone, feeling like the world had ended and time had came to an abrupt stop,

I had to deal with it though.

I couldn’t bring them back no matter how much I wished I could.

It was Monday.

My first day off from work.

I sat down by my computer desk and stared at the screen intensely; trying to figure out what to do, but my mind would wonder to one thing: Porn.

It seemed like about the only thing I could do.

I had rotten luck with girls. Each one I came across was either taken, not interested…Or not into guys.

It was frustrating,

I was getting really tired if internet porn.

Masturbating felt nice, but it just wasn’t as satisfying as real sex, and when you finally blew it all out, you felt unfulfilled and depressed.

And even though I loved seeing a girl with breasts bigger than anyone’s head could ever be, bouncing up and down, it just wasn’t the same.

I sighed and just shrugged.

I was horny as hell.

I might as well just go ahead and get it over with.

I clicked the mouse and interrupted my beach girl screensaver.

I entered my password on the screen, Dracula9000, then clicked on my shortcut to Firefox.

I typed in: Big Tit Tube and one place called Mammary Girls came up.

I clicked the website.

I immediately felt a rush of guilt.

Why? I wasn’t quite sure.

But then the dopamine kicked in and I was focused on the women.

There was girls of various color, both skin color and hair.

Black girls, white girls, Hispanics, Indians, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

It was pretty much all there.

But they all had one thing in common: Huge breasts.

I think the smallest breasted girls were about a D, everyone else, the majority, were DD and up. No A, B or even C. These were all girls who carried their massive weight with pride.

I clicked on a thumbnail that said ‘New Neighbor Horny for White Anaconda’ and let the video come up and buffer.

I hated waiting.

The video came up and started with the boring, usual crap.

The story of the video was this guy’s wife cheated on him with some ugly plumber, and left him.

This was where the black girl came in.

She was a new neighbor who just moved in.

‘Joe’ went to visit her to be kind and offer hospitality.

He baked her a batch if cookies and walked a few steps towards the left of his house, where she lived and knocked on the door.

Blah, blah, blah.

Once inside, it ends up going to the direction of Joe (the being middle-aged, yet slightly handsome main star) spills about what happened to him.

Naturally, Jane, the black girl with a beautiful face, long, back-length black hair, and a mouth-gaping set of 39 GG tits, and a big, round phat ass, took pity on him.

One thing lead to another.

They kissed. At first it was an innocent kiss to comfort him, soon it became one of lust, and finally it escalated into a tongue battle.

They stripped naked.

Her ass was even bigger looking once the black dress she had on was off.

She covered her mouth in shock when she saw Joe’s white, monster cock.

But it wasn’t long before the Ethiopian beauty was aggressively sucking him off. After a few minutes of oral sex, Jane had the red monster pulled out of her mouth.

She bent over, stuck her ass up in the air, and was penetrated from behind.

“Oh, yeah!” She screamed, her ass being pumped while his balls slapped her ass.

“Fuck me.” She closed her eyes.

Soon Joe was going faster and harder.

“Fuck me! Oh, fuck! YES!”

Her tits just shook violently as that monster meat pushed in and out of her.

Smack, smack, smack.

“FUCK! Oh, yeah! Ahh, yeah! Fuck me baby, fuck me with that big cock.”

Soon she was moaning at the top of her lungs.

I spurted all over my keyboard watching her getting fucked like an animal.

When the video ended, I turned off my browser and just sat in my chair; vanilla seeping into the keys of my keyboard, and my cock grasped in my hand.

I was temporarily happy and sighed.

I still needed to rub another one out, but I figured it could wait.

“Damn it!” I growled under my breath. “Now I’ll need a…Read Moore

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