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Here’s Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter at some event called the International Women’s Media Foundation 26th annual Courage in Journalism Awards. And even though I’ve never heard of that before, I’m a little surprised I wasn’t nominated this year. Because it takes some real courage in journalism to post these pictures even though I know Ariel’s still big trouble. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to settle for a Pulitzer. But for now, let’s all just move it along. This has already been dangerous enough.

Ariel Winter Busty-Buffy-giant-boobs(1)

Here’s Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter at a couple Emmy after-parties. And according to my sources, she supposedly got a breast reduction since the last time we saw her, but I wouldn’t recommend looking too closely: Ariel’s still only 17. I just wish she’d waited until she turned 18 to make such an important decision. You know, for her health. Uh, let’s just move it along, OK?

Ariel Winter nackt busty.In case you needed another reminder that Ariel Winter is still only 17 and still trouble, here you go: she just posted a few of her prom pictures on Instagram. Yes, as in high school prom. (And no, that’s her dad, not her date, you sickos.) So I’d move it along, because if getting busted on prom night was no fun when you were in high school, I’m guessing it’s a whole lot worse as an adult.

I’m pretty sure that Ariel Winter is still only 16, so no matter how much she looks like the next Sofia Vergara here, you’re going to want to ignore these pictures of her at the SAG Awards and just move it along. Unless, of course, you want to be nominated for the Best New Inmate Award at your local penitentiary next year. …I didn’t think so.

Ariel Winter nude wonder woman giant-boobs(1)


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