Angelina Jolie revenge. She returned for my dick only…!

She returned for my dick only…!

She is my ex-wife whom I divorced for her safety! Safety? Yes, I married her two years ago when she was just a teen babe. She was looking hot and gorgeous. Her figure was quite attractive and thin. We spent time before our marriage and kissed each others, even she opened her cute, rounded boobs to me and I sucked it for so long. It was the nice days then. But the problem began after our marriage. I never share with her my secret that I have a large, towered like dick which is rare and hot. Any woman can get attracted to my huge size dick. Already then I had some offer from my closest relatives to share my dick with their pussy whole, but I refused every one as I believed that this would be the property for my wife only. On that night after our marriage when we met with each other with our extreme orgasm she removed my inner-wear and found that giant, killing size dick. I found that her face was getting pale. Then we had very few fucking moments as she feared the size of my dick. She wanted divorce and I gave her. But now after two years she came to me with full preparation and now I could be the happiest person…though in between I shared this giant rod with some hot babes who still demanding it from me…


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