Angelina Jolie is my private bitch

Angelina Jolie is my private bitch


She is crazy about my tower…!She is my private tutor who is teaching me the biology for my class. One day when we are talking or discussing on the matter that is related to the human anatomy she told that the maximum length of dick could be six to seven inches. I strongly opposed her and told her that I know a guy who is having a normal dick size which is double than what she was telling me. She challenged me that is impossible then suddenly I pulled out my large, 12 inches long dick in front of her. After watching it she was getting surprised and without any permission of mine she took it into her mouth and was doing the hot and nice blowjob. She sucked my balls also which was made me crazy about her and she added that if she could have ant idea about the size of my dick earlier then she must plan for a hardcore bang on her holes. But it is better late than never…still now she is the permanent fucking babe by such a huge dick here every day before and after our study. Is she when first took my dick into her mouth…

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